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High Pressure Bit Lubricant/Coolant




DD 2000 is an environmentally safe, very high pressure liquid drilling lubricant/coolant that can be used in either fresh or brine water. It is used in the diamond, rotary, and seismic drilling industries, especially where hard rock formations are encountered and high rod rotation is being implemented. DD Bit-Cool has a wetting effect on the cutting tool enabling a transfer of heat, resulting in a cooler bit and a longer bit life. DD Bit-Cool also acts as a friction reducer, which results in less bit matrix wear and lower torque. DD Bit-Cool will promote faster penetration in hard rock in most incidents. Because DD Bit-Cool imparts no viscosity or fluid loss properties, it should only be used alone in hard rock or blocky ground drilling areas where no overburden and only minor stringers of shares and clays are expected to be encountered.




DD Bit-Cool can be fed directly into the suction hose, agitated with a mixer tank, paddled into a holding tank, or dripped into the holding tank close to the suction intake.




Varies according to the material being drilled. Use approximately 1 cup of DD Bit-Cool per gallon (0.5 liters/1000 liters) of water on medium abrasive hard rock. For very abrasive hard rock use 2.5-2.0 cups of DD Bit-Cool per 100 gallons (0.5-1.5 liters/1000 liters of water. Due to water composition and drilling conditions, these dosages may vary.

NOTE: It has been reported that penetration has been greatly improved by increasing the Bit-Cool dosage to at least 1 quart/100 gallons (2.5 liters/1000 liters) in the Val d'Or, Quebec area.




No special precautions are necessary. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.


Shipping and Storage:


DD Bit-Cool is shipped in 5 gallon (20 liter) pails.