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Hole Stabilization Products


Hi-Tech 100-50


  • A unique cost-saving fluid formulated to speed up hole-collaring, reduce collar sloughing, and stabilize the total blast hole.


DD 2000


  • An environmentally safe, very high molecular weight, powdered viscosifier that can be used in either fresh or brine water. It can be used in the diamond, rotary, or seismic drilling industries.


DD 955


  • A multi-charged, environmentally safe, liquid viscosifier and formation stabilizer specifically for use in areas plagued with shale and clay instability problems due to its ionic charges.




  • The ultimate rotary and diamond drilling product for in-hole torque reducing, protecting against rod wear, preventing rust, and extending bit life.




  • A low-use drilling fluid system supplement for increasing core recovery and controlling water loss in broken or sandy ground conditions.