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Down the Hole Hammers - G-Force Hammers

G-Force Series Hammers are available in QL, IR, and SD Shanks

G-Force Hammer


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G-Force Series

Available in 4” 5” 6” and 8” sizes


QL-40 IR3.5 SD4
QL-50 IR340 SD5
QL-60 IR350 SD6
QL-80 IR360  

For additional 4", 5", 8", 10", 12" and 16" hammers,
please see our LXQ hammers
G-Force Breakdown
G-Force Hammer Breakdown Video
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Main Features

- No make-up rings to replace
- No shims
- Several different types of stress-relieving and heat-treatment processes are performed on these hammers
- Carburizing of the piston makes for long-lasting products
- Hardness of 60 HRC
- Back reaming carbides on 6” Models
- Easy to service
- Fast performance, unparalleled
- Handles injection of foam and polymers, without affecting performance
- Manufactured from the finest steel available in today's market


- Pride of workmanship and outstanding engineering make these hammers a superior value
- Unequalled dependability
- Unparalleled service and support

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