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Seal-O-Grip Mud Seals

Seal-O-Grip unions are air-inflatable connectors for low pressure fluid or mud suction and return lines. The Seal-O-Grip carbon steel body welds in place on mud tanks or manifold pipe. A leak-tight seal is achieved with rig-supplied compressed air, even if the connecting pipe is not perfectly aligned. The oil and abrasion-resistant NBR pneumatic tube can be inflated up to 200 psi against the outside diameter of the connecting pipe, speeding field set-up and eliminating the need for low pressure flanged connections.

The Seal-O-Grip body (ASTM A216 grade WCB carbon steel) welds in place on mud tanks, manifold pipe, and other fittings.  The oil-resistant inflatable tube is heavy duty, abrasion resistant, and is designed for 200 psi maximum pressure.  (Note: Tube inflation pressure must not exceed fluid line pressure by 50 psi to seal line pressures up to 150 psi.)

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