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An Environmentally Safe Fluid for Extending the Freezing Time of Drilling Water, No Glycol/Alcohol




SLO-FREEZE ES when mixed with drilling water on blast hole rigs, exploration drills, construction equipment, etc., slows freezing process.


SLO-FREEZE ES is not a permanent anti-freeze. It is an environmentally safe alternative to help avoid environmental contamination by pumping methanol or similar alcohols onto or into the ground.


SLO-FREEZE ES is noncorrosive and offers protection to the tank and pumping system due to its lubricating capabilities, unlike alcohol-based systems.


SLO-FREEZE ES, similar to the alcohol-based anti-freeze, should be used for short periods of time for inactive equipment where water is not drained from the systems.


SLO-FREEZE ES is highly water soluble, but will experience partial separation over extended periods as does alcohol-based anti-freeze.


SLO-FREEZE ES must be mixed into the water for best results.




Because of variables of length of shutdown and temperatures it is recommended that a routine be established for each particular operation.


Mix ratios for protection in extreme cold periods should be 20 to 1. As temperatures and conditions lessen, mix ratios can be further diluted.


*NOTE: This is not automotive anti-freeze.