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VIBRA-STOP was specifically designed for diamond drill and rotary drill applications.


VIBRA-STOP drastically reduces rod torque, eliminates vibration, and conditions the bore hole.


VIBRA-STOP particularly applies to deep and angle bore holes.


VIBRA-STOP offers corrosion protection to all tools and equipment.


VIBRA-STOP washes readily from core samples.


VIBRA-STOP reduces blockiness and forms a viscous and slippery drilling fluid.


VIBRA-STOP can be used in conjunction with all MATEX additives to offer temporary protection from swelling-type formations.


VIBRA-STOP has been used successfully in holes drilled to depth of 5000' and beyond.




VIBRA-STOP should be introduced through a mixer or injected into intake to promote proper viscosity yield.


Shipping and Storage:


VIBRA-STOP is shipped in 5 gallon (20 liter) pails and 55 gallon (205 liter) drums.

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