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Bit Grinders

High powered grinding head designed to be used in this powerful semi-automatic button bit grinder.
  Create longer bit life. Reduce bit failure and hammer damage. Reduce bit inventory. Increase drilling efficiency thru frequent regrinding of dull drill bits.
Regrind button bits to like-new condition. Gauge buttons are ground on correct angle and on true center of bit, and at the same height for all gauge buttons.  
Designed as a completely self-contained unit it eliminates all clumsy attachments.
Grind 12 - 15 accurate tapers per hour. This machine can be used at jobsite or in a service shop setup.

An inexpensive way to touch up your bits before they need a serious sharpening.

Maintaining penetration can save you money. Firstly you need good grinding equipment for a start -- and you won't find any better than ours. And secondly, you need to spend time and energy grinding your bits. But the rewards are significant.

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