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Core Tools

core tools

Core Bits and Drill Bits

  • PCD core and drill bits
  • Natural diamond surface set bits
  • Impregnated bits
  • Tungsten carbide bits
  • Casing shoes and bits
  • Drill rod shoes
  • Diamond turbo directional drilling bits
  • Sidetracked directional drilling bits
  • Hole openers

Specialty Diamond Products and Services

  • Impregnated core laboratory plug bits
  • Surface set natural diamond plug bit
  • Metal bonded diamond plug bits
  • Surface set natural diamond gang saw segments
  • Grinding wheel diamond dressing tools
  • PCD cutter rotation and replacement
  • Laboratory coring drill press

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core bit
core bit
core bit
core bit
gold and silver bits
Turbo RS bit

Down Hole Drilling Tools and Accessories

Core barrels
Core springs and shoes
Core barrel parts
Core boxes
Water swivels and repair parts
Wireline drill rod

bit bottoms

Laboratory Coring Drill Press


  • 1 1/2 horse power, two-speed motor
  • 450 RPM and 900 RPM
  • 110 volt AC, 20 AMP
  • 41 inch travel
  • Bellows water shield
  • Drain pump
  • 24-inch by 24-inch stainless steel pan with tie downs
  • AMP meter
  • Built in water swivel
  • 1 1/4-inch - 7 threaded bit adaptor
  • Rack and pinion manual feed
  • Wheel kit for easy moving
Lab Drill fix