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Monitor Your Equipment from a Distance


Cosmos global remote mointoring system


A Global Remote Monitoring System for Portable Compressors and Generators


Whether you are in the office or out at a site, Cosmos connects you with your equipment in the field. Providing detailed information via the Internet, SMS, or e-mail.


Cosmos allows technicians to arrive at the right location, at the right time, with the right information and service materials so enabling you to give better customer service, more up-time, and more accurate invoicing than previously possible.


An Equipment Management Service that Answers Your Questions


  • Where is the machine?
  • When did it arrive?
  • Has it traveled somewhere it shouldn't have?
  • How many hours' use does the machine have?
  • How was it used, for how long, and when exactly?
  • What is the level of fuel now?
  • Does it need more fuel?
  • What is the recent fuel consumption?
  • Does it need maintenance?
  • Is everything in order?
  • Is there a problem waiting to happen?


To all these questions, and more, you can have an instant answer directly to your desktop via the Cosmos remote management system.


In Case of Emergency, We'll Ring You


The Cosmos system actually mails or texts you with all critical and non-critical events happening to your machines, in real time. You define the information you want to know, and Cosmos does the rest.


More Information


Conceived to evaluate actual time spent on jobs, save precious time, avoid over and under-servicing, it aims to help you deliver better customer service, more up-time, and more accurate invoicing of your entire fleet of compressors and generators in the field.


As the application areas for Cosmos are so wide, and so flexible, we recommend you ask your Atlas Copco contact for an individual demonstration so that we can focus on your specific needs. All contact information is available at

Request info

Atlas Copco computer screens with Cosmos information

Cosmos, the Facts


Provide information on


  • time to maintenance
  • operational history (running hours, fuel levels, events)
  • utilization data visualized in usage graphs
  • the location of the machine
  • all measured values and parameters


Highly protected web-based management software accessible anywhere/anytime providing all the details.


Contact via e-mail and SMS text messages.


GPS positioning and geofences.


Global coverage with the GPRS/CDMA network.


Tailor made Atlas Copco developed solution with your specific business requirements in mind, outperforming any standard fleet management system.


Built to support all Atlas Copco products, current and previous generation.


Designed for harsh site environments including dust, water, and extreme temperatures.