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Hammer Bits

Large DTH bit

We have a large inventory of hammer bits ranging from 4" to 17-1/2" in IR, QL, and Mission shanks. Standard bits are concave face, with all others available. Occasionally we have an assortment of sharpened or refaced bits, call for details. Some of the manufacturers we carry are Atlas Copco, Drill King, Drill Master, Mincon/Percussion, Terex/Halco, Rockmore, Rock Hog and more.

Overnight shipping is available on all stock bits.

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IR340 drill bit
IR340 Drill Bit
SD4 drill bit
SD4 Drill Bit
QL50 drill bit
QL50 Drill Bit
IR350 drill bit
IR350 Drill Bit
SD5 drill bit
SD5 Drill Bit
QL60 drill bit
QL60 Drill Bit
IR360 drill bit
IR360 Drill Bit
SD6 drill bit
SD6 Drill Bit
QL80 drill bit
QL80 Drill Bit
IR380 drill bit
IR380 Drill Bit

SD8 drill bit
SD8 Drill Bit


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Hole openers and reverse circulation bits are also in stock.

Concave face with ballistic buttons

Concave Face

Flat face bit

Flat Face Bit

Concave face drill bit
Convex Face with
Ballistic Buttons

AC speed bit

AC Speed Bit

Flat face with ballistic buttons
Flat Face with
Ballistic Buttons
SD12 Bit
SD12 Bit
RC bits, ballistic and dome buttons
RC Bits
Ballistic and Dome Buttons
5 inch RC 400 bit
5" RC 400 Bit
5 inch SD5 concave bit
5" SD5
Concave Bit
23 inch bit with 4 inch hammer and bit
23" Bit with
4" Hammer and Bit
24 inch SD12 Bit
24" SD12 Bit


24" SD12 Bit
24" SD12 Bit

Group of Large Bits
Group of Large Bits

Blue Line

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