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Diamond Drilling Products


DD 2000

  • An environmentally safe, very high molecular weight, powdered viscosifier that can be used in either fresh or brine water. It can be used in the diamond, rotary, or seismic drilling industries.



  • Used for diamond, rotary, or seismic drilling applications. It is a highly concentrated product that rapidly develops into a very high viscosity fluid when mixed with water.


DD 955

  • A multi-charged,environmentally safe liquid viscosifier and formation stabilizer specifically for use in areas plagued with shale and clay instability problems due to its ionic charges.



  • The ultimate rotary and diamond drilling product for in-hole torque reducing, protecting against rod wear, preventing rust, and extending bit life.


DD Bit-Cool

  • An environmentally safe, high pressure liquid drilling lubricant/coolant that can be used in either fresh or brine water.


DD Xpand

  • An environmentally safe, loss circulation and plug material which can be used in the diamond, rotary, and seismic drilling industries.



  • A dry powdered, organic polymer which forms a clean, colloidal solution in fresh or brine water. Mapac is primarily used to reduce fluid loss, increase viscosity, and/or to extend bentonite-based drilling fluids.


Bio-Cut Plus

  • Environmentally safe, water soluble diamond drill bit lubricant and clay inhibitor.


Vibra Stop

  • Specifically designed to drastically reduce rod torque, eliminate vibration, and condition the bore hole.


DD 605L

  • DD 605L drilling fluids thinner is an environmentally safe, synthetic, organic liquid polymer which lowers mud viscosity and gel strengths of all conventional water-based drilling muds.



  • A low-use drilling fluid system supplement for increasing core recovery and controlling water loss in broken or sandy ground conditions.