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Hand Drills / Breakers / Hammers

Pneumatic breakers, chipping hammers, rock drills, rivet busters, pick hammers, backfill tampers, and scalers.
The Cobra™ breaker is a machine you can just grab and go. That's because it's gas-driven, so you don't need any compressors, hoses, or cables.
As soon as you pick it up, you'll feel the quality. It's solid, well made. Start it up and you'll notice the power.
Simple daily maintenance gives more trouble-free operations.
You will be pleasantly surprised. With hydraulic tools you get raw power from the power pack directly into the tool.
  The first time you use a hydraulic breaker, you're in for a surprise. Here's this compact, quiet tool...and it hits harder than any other type of breaker.
CP 1210 draws on the excellent reputation of the classic CP 1210 35-pound class tool that has proven its value over a number of years.
Tough and well designed, the Red Hawk is ideal for small jobs or for working in remote locations.
The toughest, most reliable breaker on the market. This is because it's made from a solid one-piece body that doesn't need side bolts.

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