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Exploration and Mining Products

PCD core and drill bits, natural diamond surface set bits, impregnated bits, tungsten carbide bits, and more.
Monitor your groundwater resources for level measurement, drawdown tests, recovery rate, chart trends, etc.
Highly cost efficient. Outstanding engineering and manufacturing.
Maximum material recovery, up to 98%.
Many dependable hammers to choose from including G-Force, Missile LXQ, and Atlas Copco models.
Sieves most commonly requested by geologists. Size and classify material before panning. Available in brass and plastic.
Protect, store, and transport your valuable samples in these various sample bags.
Made of high-density polyethylene. Remain flexible at subzero temperatures. Self-centering and self-anchoring.
Various sample bag supplies including ties, wire, ID tags, and buckets.
Pneumatic, gasoline, and hydraulic powered drills, breakers, and hammers.
High quality Estwing hammers and chisels for the discriminating geologist.
Prevent wet, soggy, illegible field notes due to rain and humidity. Weatherproof-coated paper is specifically designed for wet and humid conditions.
Valuable aids for field mapping and chip logging. A variety of styles available. Constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum with rounded corners and edges.
Portable power when you are away from electrical sources. A convenient way to recharge and run your cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, and GPSs.
Hi-Visibility flagging to mark where your site is and where you've been.

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