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A Low-Use Drilling Fluid System Supplement for Increasing Core Recovery and Controlling Water Loss in Broken or Sandy Ground Conditions




FORM-A-CORE mixes instantly into the fluid system, creating an almost jelly consistency.


FORM-A-CORE acts like bonding material in conditioning difficult to drill holes, where core recovery is poor because the ground is easily broken up (sand like).


FORM-A-CORE is not affected by adverse water conditions.


FORM-A-CORE is extremely effective when used with DD 2000 and Torqueless.


FORM-A-CORE will reduce water loss.


FORM-A-CORE is not a stand-alone product.




FORM-A-CORE quantities will be dictated by ground conditions (1 cup/200 gal.).


FORM-A-CORE is added in very small quantities, only after a basic mud system has been established. Any viscosities measurements must be taken prior to adding FOAM-A-CORE.