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AP Lube ES

AP Lube ES

Greenplus AP Lube ES is an environmentally safe, multipurpose lubricant designed for use on:

  • Equipment Slideways
  • Chain Drives
  • Conveyor Chains
  • Band or rip saw applications requiring a non-soluble lubricant.

Greenplus AP Lube ES is the ideal, general purpose lubricant to use where risk of the lubricant escaping to the environment is high yet excellent lubrication is required.

  • Greenplus provides protection against the effects of excessive moisture or corrosion.
  • Greenplus AP Lube ES has excellent lubrication properties - in most cases better than petroleum products.
  • Greenplus AP Lube ES results in reduced downtime and extended equipment life
  • Greenplus AP Lube ES reduces operator health hazards associated with the use of mineral oil, such as skin, eye, and lung irritations.

Quick Fact:

Greenplus AP Lube

contains no heavy metals, petroleum oil, or solvents.
Typical Properties
Specific Gravity g/cm³ @15°C
Kinematic Viscosity: 40°C
49 cSt
8.72 cSt
Flash Point
280°C / 536°C
Pour Point
-36°C / -33°F
LC50 (PPM)