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ES Gear Oil

ES Gear Oil

Greenplus ES Gear Oil
is a dark colored, highly stable fluid that is used for various industrial gear reducing applications.

Greenplus ES Gear Oil is formulated with rust and oxidation suppression additives and superior anit-foaming additives. Greenplus is not just rapidly biodegradable, operator safe and made from renewable resources but environmentally safe. Greenplus does not foam a rainbow sheen on water surfaces.

Greenplus ES Gear Oil has the ability to adhere to metal and to itself. Less oil is thrown off moving parts and open gears, Greenplus stays on the part and continues to lubricate.

  • Greenplus ES Gear Oil will minimize your environmental risk in gear reducing sets where fluid loss into water or on to the ground can not be avoided.
  • Greenplus reduces cleanup costs following spills
  • Greenplus ES Gear Oil has a EP rating of normal and can be used in continuous service at normal operating temperatures and normal lubrication intervals.
  • Greenplus has excellent lubricating properties to extend gear life.

Quick Fact:

ES Gear Oil is approved for use in registered food establishments in Canada and the USA.

Typical Properties
S.A.E. 80
Kinematic Viscosity: 40°C
38.6 cSt
8.8 cSt
190 SUS
53 SUS
Viscosity Index
Flash Point
283°C / 541°C
Pour Point
-36°C / -33°F
Rust Test
none after 24h
Color (ASTM)
Brookfield Viscosity CP -26°C
Anti-foaming ASTM D892
20       0
LC50 (PPM)