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Line Shaft Turbine Fluid ES

Line Shaft Turbine Fluid ES

Greenplus Line Shaft Turbine Fluid ES is recommended for us in potable water, sewage and irrigation vertical turbine pump equipment with lubricated line shafts in either flanged or threaded and coupled column construction.

Greenplus Line Shaft Turbine Fluid ES is ideal for applications where lubricant leakage into water occurs. Greenplus eliminates the risk of environmental contamination. Greenplus Line Shaft Turbine Fluid ES continues to lubricate should excessive moisture contamination occur.

Quick Fact:

The fluid used to lubricate line shaft turbines leaks into the water supply at a rate of 4 drops per minute.

Typical Properties
Specific Gravity g/cm³ @15°C
Kinematic Viscosity: 40°C
38 cSt
8.9 cSt
Viscosity Index
Flash Point
282°C / 540°C
Pour Point
-36°C / -33°F
Rust Test
none after 24h
LC50 (PPM)