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Hurricane Portable Booster

Model: B7-41/1000 Portable Booster

Model B7/1000 Portable BoosterStandard Scope of Supply

The Atlas Copco Hurricane booster B7-41/1000 is a single-stage oil-lubricated piston-type air/nitrogen compressor, powered by a liquid-cooled, six-cylinder turbo-charged, inter-cooled Caterpillar COM III/Tier 3-compliant diesel engine.

The unit consists of one high-efficient liquid-cooled booster block (pumper), air pre-cooler, scrubber tank, air aftercooler, safety valves, diesel engine, engine cooling, and control systems - all mounted on a strong steel base skid.

A small day tank of 20 gallons and external fuel tank connections complete the standard scope.

Special attention has been given to the overall product quality, user friendliness, ease of serviceability, and economical operation to ensure best in class cost of ownership.

Available Models

  • B7-41/1000 - Open Skid
  • B7-41/1000 - CE compliant, Sound-attenuated Container

Product Concept

Hurricane B7-41/1000 side view
Hurricane B7-41/1000 side view


  • Atlas Copco product
  • Light weight and small footprint
  • Water-cooled booster block and valves
  • Pre-cooler and scrubber tank
  • Pre-cooler bypass valve
  • Pressure regulating system with automatic load/unload valve
  • Engine speed regulation
  • Back pressure valve at discharge
  • Complete control system, with digital controller and all relevant safeties (including temperature sensor on each compressor cylinder)
  • Unique design with genuine components and easy service and maintenance access
  • Service packs with genuine parts

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  • Best fit with Atlas Copco feed-air compressors
  • Worldwide service support
  • Economical in transport and installation
  • Longer valve life and optimal performance in high ambient conditions
  • Optimal performance in humid ambient conditions
  • Optimal performance in low ambient conditions
  • Economical operation - lower fuel consumption
  • Adjustable capacity to match the feed-air compressors
  • Maintain minimum compression ratio - avoid condensation
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy fault finding through historic logs
  • Optimum safety for your equipment
  • High reliability
  • Short service downtime
  • Easy to service

Technical Data  
Booster Type  
block 276 - 4 cylinder reciprocating

Compression stages


Max. suction pressure


Max. discharge pressure


Max. compression ratio


Capacity at max. suction pressure


Booster oil capacity


Suction connection

3" npt

Discharge connection

2" npt

Max. operating ambient temperature

Min. operating ambient temperature  
C7 (Tier 3, State 3a)
Number of cylinders  
Output at rated speed
Engine speed (nominal)
Engine speed (unloaded)


Engine oil capacity
Capacity of standard day fuel tank
Capacity of optional fuel tank
Fuel consumption at 25% load
EST. 10.6
Fuel consumption at 50% load
EST. 21.3
Fuel consumption at 75% load
EST 31.9
Fuel consumption at 100% load
Overall dimensions, L x W x H - open skid
138.76" x 79.89" x 71.63"
Overall dimensions, L x W x H - open skid and protection frame
Overall dimensions, L x W x H - weatherproof canopy
Overall dimensions, L x W x H - sound-attenuated container
15 ft. container
B7-41/1000 CE version only
Max. sound power level (Lw)
t.b.a., compliant with CE directive
Max. sound pressure level at 7 m (Lp)

t.b.a., compliant with CE directive

Weight (Ready to operate)    
B7-41/1000 Open skid
B7-41/1000 Open skid and protection frame
B7-41/1000 in soundproof container

Dimension Drawing

Dimension Drawing

Dimension Drawing

Capacity Chart in SCFM

Suction PSIG
Discharge PSIG
1925 RPM
1800 RPM
1600 RPM
1400 RPM
1200 RPM
2160 SCFM
1920 SCFM
1680 SCFM
1440 SCFM
2440 SCFM
2280 SCFM
2030 SCFM
1770 SCFM
1520 SCFM
2150 SCFM
2010 SCFM
1790 SCFM
1570 SCFM
1340 SCFM
2000 SCFM
1870 SCFM
1660 SCFM
1450 SCFM
1240 SCFM
1840 SCFM
1720 SCFM
1530 SCFM
1340 SCFM
1150 SCFM
1680 SCFM
1570 SCFM
1400 SCFM
1220 SCFM
1050 SCFM

NOTE: Areas highlighted in GREEN are optimized for concentric valve performance and valve life.
           Areas highlighted in YELLOW may experience some losses in valve efficiency and valve life.


  • Full protection frame
  • Analog control panel
  • Low pressure switch at booster inlet (in combination with analog controller)
  • Fuel tank for 8 hours' running (replace the small day tank)
  • Cold weather kit (-20°F)
  • Lights for operation at night
  • Trailer (US type)
  • Spark arrestor
  • Overspeed shutdown valve
  • Air starter (without air reservoir)
  • ASME B31.3 welding standard
  • Inlet mesh filter
  • Inlet mesh filter and particle filter
  • Discharge particle filter and coalescing filter
  • Automatic scrubber tank drain

Accessories for Connection to Feed-Air Compressors

  • Suction hose 25 ft. or 50 ft.
  • Inlet strainer, connection manifold, hose adaptors

Service and Repair

  • Service packs 250 hrs/1000 hrs/2500 hrs
  • Valve repair kit
  • Piston repair kit

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Principle Data

Hurricane Booster

  • Atlas Copco Hurricane boosters are second-to-none. They are smaller, lighter, and still pack as much power as the larger and heavier comparable units of our competitors. Over 40 years of experience has taught us to maximize every component. The Hurricane booster provides you with a faster pressure build-up, a better penetration rate, cooler bit temperatures, and longer bit life.
  • The 4-cylinder booster block model 275 includes vertical reciprocating pistons, concentric air valves, and a liquid cooling system.

Compressed Air System

  • The incoming pre-compressed air from the feed-air compressor(s) goes first into a standard pre-cooler with a performance of A+15°F. The suction scrubber tank separates the condensate, which can be drained through a manual drain valve. A high level shutdown switch ensures proper operation. For multi-stage booster an intercooler+scrubber tank is installed before each stage to take out the moisture. The standard air after-cooler has a performance approach of A+50°F. The booster coolers are high pressure tubular/fin design.
  • The back pressure valve at discharge guarantees a minimum discharge pressure of 600 psi (adjustable). This device eliminates low load conditions and related condensate issues.
  • Between each compression stage a safety valve is installed to safeguard your equipment and operations.

Booster Cooling System

  • The booster block and the concentric suction/discharge valves are liquid-cooled. The coolant system is connected to the standard engine coolant system. This guarantees an optimal operation in high ambient temperatures up to 125°F.
  • A unique advantage of liquid-cooled concentric valves is that the temperature gradient is kept to a minimum. This ensures a longer valve life.

Booster Regulating System

  • The booster capacity depends on the engine speed and the suction air pressure (see capacity chart).
  • The engine speed can be adjusted manually to match the capacity of the feed-air compressor(s).
  • The pressure switch at discharge is factory set to 1080 psi. Above this pressure the load/unload valve will open and the high pressure air will flow back to suction side. At the same time the diesel engine will slow down to 1200 rpm idle speed, which results in big fuel savings.

Engine: Caterpillar C7 ACERT

  • COM III/Tier 3 compliant six-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine provides ample power to operate the booster continuously at full-load.
  • The engine has the capability to start the compressor to -14°F without the addition of a cold start aid. Cold weather kits are available for up to -20°F.

Fuel System

  • The booster is standard equipped with a small day fuel tank (20 gal.) for short test runs, and with external fuel tank connections for connection to a bulk fuel tank. Optionally a big fuel tank can be installed for 8 hours running at full load (85 gal).
  • Low fuel level switch is included.
  • Fuel system includes a 10 micron pre-filter and 3 micron high efficiency filter along with standard Caterpillar water separator.

Engine Cooling System

  • The cooling system consists of an integrated aluminum oil cooler, intercooler, and radiator with axial fan to ensure optimum cooling. The cooling system is suitably designed for continuous operation in ambient conditions up to +125°F.

Electrical systemElectrical System

  • The booster is equipped with a 24 volt negative ground electrical staring and operating system.
  • The control panel includes a ComAp engine controller as standard with pressure gauges, load/unload switch, engine speed control, and monitoring.
  • The digital ComAp controller monitors all critical booster and engine functions and parameters. It is programmable, and a historic event log enables easy fault finding. The read-out is done on the LCD screen.

Safety Devices

The booster will give a warning and/or shut down in the following conditions:
  • High suction air temperature
  • High discharge air temperature (1 sensor per cylinder)
  • High discharge air temperature differential
  • Low suction air pressure
  • High compression ratio
  • High liquid level in scrubber tank
  • Low engine oil pressure
  • High engine coolant temperature
  • High engine speed
Safety devices installed
  • Emergency stop
  • Safety valves at suction and discharge
  • Battery disconnects

Maintenance and Repair

Genuine Parts
  • The booster is delivered as standard with genuine consumables, with radiator coolant PARCOOL, and with mineral PAROIL 15W40 for both engine and booster block. For extreme conditions the synthetic PAROIL 5W40 is the recommended oil.
  • Detailed maintenance schedules are available for each booster model. Standard service packs for the 250-hour intervals include all consumables and make preventative maintenance as easy as it can get.
  • Valve repair and piston repair kits can be ordered for corrective maintenance.
  • Recommended spare parts proposals help customers to identify which main components they should place in stock to maximize the uptime of their equipment.
Because we care logoManufacturing and Environmental Standards
  • The Hurricane boosters are manufactured following stringent ISO 9001 regulations and by a fully implemented Environmental Management System fulfilling ISO 14001 requirements.
  • Attention has been given to ensure minimum negative impact to the environment.
  • When ordering the optional CE-compliant booster, all current EU directives are followed.


The unit is delivered with:
  • Operating and instruction manual
  • Spare parts manual
  • Engine manual
Following certificates can be obtained
  • Test certificates for air delivery pressure and capacity, acc. ISO 1217
  • Certificate for air/oil separator vessel and safety valve approval (CE/ASME)
  • Declaration of conformity
Warranty Coverage
  • 12 months from date of start-up or 18 months from date of shipment, whichever comes first. With a limitation of a maximum of 2000 running hours. Only valid when using Atlas Copco parts.
  • For details we refer to the "Atlas Copco Hurricane LLC warranty policy document.