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Bit and Steel Grinding Equipment

Model A-64 Rock Bit Grinder

Model A-64 Rock Bit Grinder
The Rock Bit Grinder

The end result of over two years of study, engineering, and testing, the A-64 Rock Bit Grinder represents the ultimate in rock bit grinding. Proven in the field, its ease of operation and trouble-free service make the A-64 Grinder a giant on the job.

Designed as a completely self-contained unit, the A-64 Grinder eliminates all clumsy attachments. The complete grinding operation, including fluting gauging, is accomplished without removing the bit from the arbor.

Simplicity and ease of operation result in restoring the dullest bits to "like new" condition in just a few minutes. Training problems are eliminated, as a few minutes of instruction will enable an operator to become proficient at sharpening various sizes and types of bits.

Low maintenance is designed into the A-64 Grinder, simplifying the problem of upkeep and adding many hours to its long period of trouble-free operation. Grit and dust have no effect upon its ease of operation, and daily care consists of simply wiping grit from exposed surfaces of the Grinder.

Choice of power is another plus factor designed into the A-64 Grinder, greatly adding to its portability and adaptability to your particular requirements. Air or electric, whichever power is most readily available at the job site or in the shop, can be used to operate the Grinder. These power sources may be used interchangeably, and a 1" x 8" straight hand grinder in your shop or on the job site eliminates the need to purchase a separate power unit for your A-64 Rock Bit Grinder.

Designed with the user in mind, the A-64 Grinder provides the greatest reliability at the lowest grinding cost per bit.



The portability of the A-64 Grinder with its 7.5" bit capacity is unmatched.

Weight of the Grinder is less than 185 lbs.

Choice of Power
A-64 Grinder
Air Motor
A-64 Grinder
Fluting Grinding

Truck, Bench, Stand

Why A-64 Rock Bit Grinder is Made for Your Job:

  1. Ease of Operation
    • Sharpens all bit wings with one setting of bit arm.
    • Grinds bit to any angle, fluting, or gauging.
    • No major adjustments to make from smallest to largest bit.
    • No clumsy attachments for fluting or gauging, a self-contained grinder.
    • Cam lock for quick indexing.
  2. Choice of Power
    • Air, from compressor at jobsite or in the shop.
    • Electric, wherever available.
    • Straight Hand Grinder, 1" x 8", either air or electric, interchangeably.
  3. Large Capacity
    • All sizes through 7.5" diameter, female threaded bits.
    • All sizes through 7.5" diameter, down the hole bits (with special adapter).
    • "X" or cross-type bits.
    • Full capacity, whether floor or bench mounted.
  4. Portability
    • Can be mounted on back of pickup truck for bit grinding from trac-drill to trac-drill.
    • Can be mounted on compressor, at jobsite.
    • Bench or stand mounted, in the shop.
    • Weighs less than 185 lbs.
  5. Low Maintenance
    • For daily care just wipe grit off grinder.
    • Spring loaded at vital points to compensate for wear and eliminate continual minor adjustments.
  6. Lowest Cost
    • Lowest actual cost for a rock bit grinder with 7.5" capacity.
    • Can be used with our own 1" x 8" straight hand grinder, eliminating need for purchase of additional power grinder.
    • More bits per grinding wheel because it uses the complete wheel without need for major adjustments.

Choice of Power

A-64 Grinder

Electric Motor

A-64 Grinder

Gauging Grinding


Grinder with Kool Mist Unit

Down the Hole Bit Holder
Down the Hole Bit Holder

‹—Grinder with "Kool Mist Unit"

A must for keeping dust down and grinder cool. Will keep operator dry. Gallon of water lasts all day.

Grinder Floor Stand
Grinder Floor Stand
for Shop or Jobsite Use


Special Holders and Adapters
are Available for
the A-64 Grinder

Grinder Specifications

Bit Capacity:

1.5" thru 6.0" Internal Thread Bits
3.5" thru 7.5" Down the Hole Hammer Bits

Motors: Air and Electric Motors available
Machine Weight: 261 lbs.
Machine Size: 12" x 15" Base - 38" High - less floor stand
Shipping Dimensions: 21" x 27" x 42" high
Ship Weight: 306 lbs.

Reducer sleeves are required for each different shank bit.  Please click here to print specification form.

Rock Bit Grinder - 1.00" thru 7.5 " Diameter Bits

Model A-64 Rock Bit Grinder:

  • Internal Threaded Bit-type Grinder - Basic grinder with (1 each) arbor thread, (1 each) index plate, floor stand, and Kool mist unit. (arbor and index plate are customer choice)

  • Internal Threaded Bit-type Grinder - Complete grinder with (1 each) arbor thread, (1 each) index plate, floor stand, Kool mist unit , and choice of Air or Electric motor. Electric motor is 115 VAC, 50/60 cycle, 1 phase (standard). (arbor and index plate are customer choice) Grinding wheel size 6" and 8" diameter wheels that can be used on either Air or Electric motors.

Motors: (optional at additional cost)

  • Air motor and guard - 8" wheel size, 4 HP unit
  • Electric motor and guard - 8" wheel size, 230 VAC, 50/60 cycle, 1 phase


  • Additional arbor (choice of thread size and type)
  • Additional index plates - 75°, 80°, 90°
  • Kool mist unit for grinder
  • Floor stand for grinder

A-1 Arbor Threads in Stock for A-64 Bit Grinders

Thread Type
Thread Size
Rope .875", 1.000", 1.125", 1.250", 1.500", 1.750", 2.000"
High Lead - 1200 1.054"
High Lead - 1400 1.242"
High Lead - 1600 1.482"
High Lead - 1700 1.727"
High Lead - 1800 2.245"
High Lead - 2000 2.480"
C-17-1.500" 1.500"
C-17-1.750" 1.750"
C-17-2.000" 2.000"


32 Series 1.250"
38 Series 1.500"
45 Series 1.750"
51 Series 2.000"
Timken "D" Thread 1.185"
Timken "H" Thread 1.000"

Special Threads and Holders are available for the A-64 and A-80 grinders.

Selecting Correct Grinding Wheel Width

When grinding rock bits with less than 1.00" of carbide length to be ground per side, it is recommended that a 6" or 8" diameter wheel of 1/2" width be used for best results. This allows the wheel to self-dress itself as it is used with smaller bits.

When grinding rock bits with 1.00" or more of carbide to be ground per side, it is recommended that a 6" or 8" diameter wheel of 1.00" width be used. This allows the wheel to self-dress itself as it is used with larger bits.

Grinding Large and Small Rock Bits:

  • Grinder Setup for Using 1.00" Width Wheel - By installing the wheel spacer #WS-1, per drawing WS-1 in service manual, you can use a 1/2" width wheel and there are no adjustments to be made to the grinder. This allows the grinder to operate as it does with the 1.00" width wheel setup on center of the roller block.
  • The basic grinder is set up for the 1.00" width wheel.
  • The WS-1 spacer is designed to locate the 1/2" width wheel on the same location as the 1.00" wheel setup.
A-64 Line Drawing

Shipping Weight on Machine

A-64 Basic Grinder 163 lbs.
Internal Threaded Bit Holder 21 lbs.
Arbor - Internal Threaded Bit Holder 3 lbs.
Index Plate - 75°, 80°, 90° 2 lbs.
Electric Motor - with Wheel Guard 27 lbs.
Air Motor - with Wheel Guard 21 lbs.
Kool Mist Unit 5 lbs.
Floor Stand for Grinder 45 lbs.
Wood Shipping Crate 45 lbs.
Crate Size 21" x 27" x 42" high - Area 13.78 cubic feet

Grinding Wheels for Grinders - Model A-64 and A-64B

Grinding Wheel
  • 6" Diameter Wheels - 4750 RPM rated speed
  • 8" Diameter Wheels - 4000 RPM rated speed

Available Sizes:
6" x 1/2" x 5/8" arbor hole, 6" x 1" x 5/8" arbor hole,
8" x 1/2" x 5/8" arbor hole, 8" x 1" x 5/8" arbor hole

Down the Hole Bit Holder

Down the Hole Bit Holder - Drawing No. 9

DTHH-1 Parts
DTHH-2 Parts
Lock Ring
Bit Sleeve
Lock Nut
Lock Ring
Thrust Washer
Set Screw
Thrust Washer
Roll Pin
Set Screw
Roll Pin
Bit Lock Knob
Index Lock Knob
Bit Sleeve
Reducer Sleeve (not shown)