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Bit and Steel Grinding Equipment

Model A-80B Grinder
for Precision Regrinding of Button Bits

Down the Hole Bit Grinder
Internal Threaded Bit Grinder

Down the Hole Bit Grinder
Bit Sizes 3.0" thru 12" Diameter

Internal Threaded Bit Grinder
Bit Sizes 1.5" thru 6.0" Diameter

Precision Regrinding of Button Bits Pays Off By:

  • Regrind button bits to like-new condition.
  • Gauge buttons are ground on correct angle and on true center of bit, and at the same height for all gauge buttons.
  • All gauge buttons will be working (Hand grinding cannot accomplish this).
  • All styles of button bits can be reground with simple machine adjustments.

- Additional Benefits -

  • Longer Bit Life
  • Reduced Bit Failure
  • Reduce Bit Inventory
  • Reduced Hammer Damage

Choice of Machine Power

Air motor
Electric Motor

Air Motor

65 - 70 CFM Usage
1/2" ID Hose for Supply
Filter-Oiler-Regulator Required

Electric Motor

115 - 230 VAC 60 HZ 1 Phase
220 - 240 VAC 50 HZ 1 Phase
230 - 460 VAC 50 - 60 HZ 3 Phase

Grinding Capability
All Styles of Button Bits can be Reground with Simple Machine Adjustments

Drop Center
Drop Center


  1. Grinder can be mounted in bed of pickup truck.
  2. Grinder can be bench-mounted at drill site or in shop.
  3. Grinder can be set up in bit storage trailer.
  4. Floor stand mounted - shop and at site.
Floor Stand
Floor Stand

Coolant Systems for Diamond Tools

Coolant Pump and Tray System Air Motor-Powered Pump
Coolant Pump and Tray System Electric Motor-Powerd Pump

Coolant Pump and Tray System
Air Motor Powered Pump

Coolant Pump and Tray System
Electric Motor Powered Pump

Thru Table Coolant Drain System Floor Stand and Shop Use

Coolant Curtain

Thru Table Coolant Drain System
Floor Stand and Shop Use

Coolant Curtain


Bit Capacity:

1.5" thru 6.0" Internal Thread Bits

3.5" thru 12.0" Down the Hole Hammer Bits

Motors: Air and Electric Motors available
Machine Weight :

250 lbs.

Machine Size: 12" x 15" base - 44" high - less floor stand
Shipping Dimensions: 21" x 27" x 48" high
Ship Weight: 305 lbs.

Reducer sleeves are required for each different shank bit.  Please click here to print specification form.

The A-80 button bit grinder was developed to help reduce drill bit failure to hammer and striking bit failure due to the use of dull drill bits.

The A-80 grinder was designed to regrind either the crown or gauge buttons to near-original shape. This machine will regrind the gauge buttons on the true center of the bit thread or bit shank and on the correct gauge angle on all of the gauge buttons. The manufacturer has found this to be very important in obtaining like new performance of the drill bit. (Hand grinding of button bits does not usually obtain like new performance of drill bits.)

The diamond grinding tool for the carbide button is designed to regrind the hemispherical shape on the carbide button so that the first button and the last button will have the same shape. This is very important in keeping the same loading on all of the buttons. Buttons with a different shape and height cause uneven loading of the buttons and can cause early button and bit failure.

The body metal grinding tool is designed to remove the body metal from around the carbide button to provide clearance around the button for grinding and for chip clearance on badly worn bits.

The combination button grinding tool will grind the carbide button and body metal at the same time, reducing the grinding time for each bit.

Diamond grinding tool coolant is recommended for the grinding operation as it has good cooling and lubrication properties to help extend grinding tool life.

Button Bit Grinder - 1.5" thru 12.0" Diameter Bits

Model A-80B Button Bit Grinder:

  • Internal threaded-type bits with electric motor (115 VAC, 60 cycle, 1 phase), bit holder, and threaded arbor (customer choice of arbor thread and size).
  • Down the Hole-type bits with electric motor (115 VAC, 60 cycle, 1 phase), bit holder, reducer sleeve, and holder #DTHH-1.
  • Combination bit grinder for internal threaded and down the hole-type bits with threaded bit holder, threaded arbor, down the hole holder, reducer sleeve, and electric motor (115 VAC, 60 cycle, 1 phase) (customer choice of thread type and size and reducer sleeve size).

Accessories: (optional at cost)

  • Coolant pump system - Electric motor grinder
  • Coolant pump system - Air motor grinder
  • Coolant curtain for grinder
  • Thru table drain unit
  • Floor stand for grinder
  • Threaded arbors - state thread type and size
  • Down the Hole reducer sleeves - DTHH-1 holder
  • DTHH-3 large bit holder
  • Reducer sleeves - DTHH-3 holder

Motors: (optional at cost)

  • Electric motor - HD 230 VAC, 60 cycle, 1 phase (motor, pump, control unit)
  • Electric motor - 220/240 VAC, 50 cycle, 1 phase
  • Electric motor - 3 phase motors
  • Air motor for grinder

Diamond Tool Coolant

Diamond tool grinding coolant is recommended to be used in the A-80 grinder during grinding operation as this fluid will help keep the diamond grinding tool lubricated, help in keeping the tool matrix clean, and promote good tool cooling, as this will help increase grinding tool life.

This fluid will also increase the life of the high-speed coolant seals on the spindle and help stop rust on machine surfaces. Normal water is not a good tool lubricant, and the minerals in the water will cause excessive wear to the coolant seals and promote rust on machine surfaces.

The diamond tool coolant should be changed frequently to remove carbide material from the system, as this material in the coolant will cause excessive wear to the seals and the spindle adapter.

  • Premixed Coolant - 5 gallon size
  • Concentrated Coolant for Custom Mixing - 5 gallon size container makes 135 gallon of mixed coolant

A-1 Arbor Threads in Stock for A-80 Bit Grinders

Thread Type
Thread Size
Rope .875", 1.000", 1.125", 1.250", 1.500", 1.750", 2.000"
High Lead - 1200 1.054"
High Lead - 1400 1.242"
High Lead - 1600 1.482"
High Lead - 1700 1.727"
High Lead - 1800 2.245"
High Lead - 2000 2.480"
C-17-1.500" 1.500"
C-17-1.750" 1.750"
C-17-2.000" 2.000"


32 Series 1.250"
38 Series 1.500"
45 Series 1.750"
51 Series 2.000"
Timken "D" Thread 1.185"
Timken "H" Thread 1.000"

Special Threads and Holders are available for A-80 grinders.

Down the Hole Bit Holder
Down the Hole Bit Holder - Drawing No. 9

DTHH-1 Parts
DTHH-2 Parts
Lock Ring
Bit Sleeve
Lock Nut
Lock Ring
Thrust Washer
Set Screw
Thrust Washer
Roll Pin
Set Screw
Roll Pin
Bit Lock Knob
Index Lock Knob
Bit Sleeve
Reducer Sleeve (not shown)

Shipping Weights on Machine

A-80 Basic Grinder

180 lbs.

Coolant Pump and Tray 8 lbs.
Internal Threaded Bit Holder 20 lbs.
A-1 Arbor - Internal Threaded Bit Holder 3 lbs.
Down the Hole Bit Holder 36 lbs.
Reducer Sleeves - DTH Holder 2 - 10 lbs.
Floor Stand Kit 45 lbs.
Diamond Grinding Tools - 10-pack box 3 lbs.
Diamond Grinding Tool Coolant - 5 gal. size 45 lbs.
Coolant Buckets - 2 each 9 lbs.
Wood Shipping Crate 55 lbs.
Crate Size: 21" x 27" x 49" high - area 16.1 cubic feet

Filter - Regulator - Lubricator

The filter-regulator-lubricator assembly is a heavy-duty unit. The bowls are made of metal to prevent damage to them.

Filter, Regulator, Lubricator
  • 1/2" pipe size: A80B grinder
  • Flow range: 3.5 to 100 SCFM
  • Available: Heavy duty assembly and Standard duty assembly

Button Bit Grinding Tools

Combination Button Grinding Tool
Combination Button
Grinding Too
Ballistic Button Grinding Tool
Ballistic Button
Grinding Tool
Parabolic Button Grinding Tool
Parabolic Button
Grinding Tool
Combination Button Grinding Tool
Conical Button
Grinding Tool
"O" Ring and Wing Drive Tool
"O" Ring and Wing
Drive Tool
Sandvik Combination Grinding Tool
Sandvik Combination
Grinding Tool

Combination button grinding tool, ballistic button grinding tool, parabolic button grinding tool, conical button grinding tool, and "O" ring and wing drive tool available in 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", and 1.00" diameter.

Sandvik combination grinding tool available in 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", and 3/4" diameter. Additional sizes available.