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Longer Lasting Air Ends, Lower Operating Temperature


Oiltronix oil temperature control


Oil Temperature Control Extending Life of Components


Atlas Copco has always been aware that compressors are extremely sensitive to condensation in compressed air. We know for example that just 1% of water in the oil reduces the lifetime of the bearings by 40%


The electronic controlled oil temperature system extends the lifetime of air ends, compressor components, oil, and oil separator. Additionally, and not insignificantly -- it reduces the average oil temperature, prevents overheating, and increases safety.


Condensation reduces the lifetime of the bearings


Bearing showing condensation damage

Bearings not having suffered from water damage.
The effect of water damage on bearings.


Water is the Enemy of Bearings


Water caused by condensation is known to have a harmful effect on compressor components and oil, entailing high service and replacement costs. For many of our compressor customers, it has become common practice to drain their units every day.


Condensation occurs whenever air is compressed at high pressure and high humidity. In a conventional system, a thermostat always keeps the oil temperature very high, independent from working conditions and the environment. This is higher than necessary when it is colder outside, but not high enough when it's hot or humid. The result? A higher than average oil temperature that leads to condensation in the oil, and a reduction in the lifetime of the bearings.


A Technology Solution


Advanced electronics control the compressor regulation and oil systems to maintain the oil injection temperature at its most optimal point. Additional sensors have been added to the existing control monitor to measure ambient temperature and relative humidity. A logarithm uses these parameters on ambient conditions and compressor data to define the optimal oil injection temperature. The output is sent to a stepper motor that positions the valve accordingly. The results? The average oil injection temperature is kept to about 167 degrees F instead of the usual average 221 degrees F of a conventional system.

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Eliminate condensation


map of very hot/humid regions

Lower oil temperatures - longer lifetime


map showing hot/humid regions

  Very hot/humid regions: to avoid the necessity   of daily draining, Oiltronix should be installed   on all units above 294 psi.   Hot/humid as well as cooler regions: in these   regions we advise to install Oiltronix on all   units above 365 psi.

Oiltronix, the Benefits


  • Better reliability

  • Higher efficiency

  • Better for the environment

  • Lower cost of ownership

  • Longer life of the air ends

Oiltronix, the Benefits

  • Longer life of the oil

  • Longer life of the oil separator

  • Longer life of the other compressor

  • No draining, less down time