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PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) Bits


These bits shear rock with a continuous scraping motion and are extremely effective in shale formations, especially when used with oil-based muds.

Available in most common sizes between 3 7/8" through 6 1/4"

Others sizes are available upon request.


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Diamond Devil™ PDC Bit

Better Performance, Lower Cost

Superior Performance

  • Diamond Devil PDC bitHigh Penetration, High Blade Profile
    • Diamond Devil™ PDC - 4 min/20"
    • Traditional PDC - 11 min/20"
  • Better Durability
    • Premium grade 5 wing design is more durable than 3 and faster than 6
    • Gauge pads have tungsten carbide inserts for maximum wear resistance
    • All cutters are premium grade for extended bit life and durability
  • Asymmetric Force Balanced Design
    • Cutter layout is force balanced to drill a precise round hole and reduce bit whirl
  • Does Not Plug
    • Unlike the traditional PDC, the Diamond Devil™ PDC design does not plug
  • Versatility of Thread
    • Availability in many threads and sizes
    • Run PDC on your existing sub

Lower Cost

  • Less expensive than traditional PDC on the market
  • Lower Repair Costs
    • Individual wings on the Diamond Devil™ PDC can be replaced, whereas a single damaged wing on a traditional PDC renders it damaged upon repair (DBR)
Bit Sizes

Red Devil PDC Reconditioning

Bit shop provides the following services:

  • Replace broken or lost cutters
  • Repair and re-build bit body as needed
  • Apply hard facing to extreme wear areas
  • Clean, sandblast, and paint
  • Same day turnaround

2 3/8" API Reg

2 7/8" API Reg

3 1/2" API Reg

3 7/8" - 6 1/4" in stock

Other sizes available

Blue line

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