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Extended Life Premixed Coolant for Year-Round Dependability

Engineered to Protect - The development of lighter, more effective engines has put more and more demands on the cooling system. A coolant must combine improved cooling capacity with enhanced levels of component protection. PARCOOL EG is the only coolant that has been tested and approved by all engine manufacturers currently in use in Atlas Copco compressors and generators.

Atlas Copco's PARCOOL EG extended life coolant is the new range of organic coolants, available through the worldwide Atlas Copco network of service centers. It is designed to meet the needs of modern engines. PARCOOL EG can help prevent leaks caused by corrosion. PARCOOL EG is also fully compatible with all sealants and gasket types developed to join different materials used within an engine.

Engine liner

The engine liner on the right, using a conventional coolant, reveals severe cavitations, pitting, and corrosion.

The one on the left shows no defects after the same number of operating hours with PARCOOL EG.



ParCool Analysis


To guarantee optimal engine rotection, regular coolant condition analysis is



Atlas Copco PARCOOL EG

PARCOOL EG from Atlas Copco delivers outstanding performance:


  • Optimum antifreeze protection
    Ready to use Ethylene Glycol based coolant, premixed in an optimum 50/50 dilution ratio for antifreeze protection guaranteed to -40 degrees F.
  • Minimized risk of engine overheating
    Improved heat transfer to minimize overheating. Because PARCOOL EG inhibits corrosion, deposit formation is minimized. This effectively eliminates the problem of restricted flow through the engine coolant ducts and the radiator, minimizing the risk for engine overheating and possible failure.
  • Superior protection in high operating temperature
    Reduced water pump seal wear for extended component life. Extended stability when subjected to sustained high operating temperatures. Formulated to protect all types of flexible hose and connectors.
  • Effective long-term corrosion protection
    Complete corrosion protection of all alloys and cast iron components to preserve wet liners, cylinder head, radiator, etc.
  • Long service intervals
    5-year drain interval to minimize service costs (when used in accordance with instructions).
  • Minimize environmental impact
    Silicate and phosphate free with patented Carboxylate technology. Nitride and amines free to protect your health and the environment. Longer service life reduces the amount of coolant produced and needing disposal to minimize environmental impact.


Atlas Copco PARCOOL EG Coolant for compressor and generator engines is available in three sizes of containers to suit customer requirements.

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