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Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machines

Model #3 and #2Each machine is constructed of durable, lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum for easy transportation to any jobsite for cutting and beveling 2" to 36" diameter pipe precisely, quickly, and economically, even under the toughest conditions.

Every ring gear and saddle are precisely machined and calibrated to +/- .025 in concentricity and +/- .015 in squareness. The standard rear-mounted short saddle aids cutting and beveling in tight locations, while allowing precise back-beveling operations.

The manufacturer's unique "split horseshoe" design permits easy placement over pipe sections. A quick-operating boomer assembly securely locks the machine to the pipe for an entire 360-degree rotation. No repositioning is ever needed! The manufacturer's patented Cuboid Spacer System keeps the spacers on the machine to minimize downtime.

The manufacturer's Pipe Beveling Machines save weld prep time and money compared to hand cutting. With easy-to-follow manuals and a few minutes of instruction, any operator can easily make accurate cuts and bevels.

How fast? For example, when using the No. 3 Standard Beveling Machine a 20" diameter pipe can be cut and beveled in about four minutes!

Model #1
Model #1

Model #0
Model #0

Standard Beveling Machines

Standard Pipe Sizes
Cuboid Spacer
Model No.
No. 0
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3
No. 4
No. 30*
No. 5**

NOTE:  Models No. 0 through No. 4 Standard Beveling Machines include the standard No.1 and 5C torch carrier assembly. The Model "C" adjustable torch holder is standard on the Model Nos. 30 and 5.

Machine prices DO NOT include torches or gas equipment.

  *Model No. 30 - purchase of Model "C" out of round attachment recommended.
**Model No. 5 - purchase of Model "C" out of round attachment and motorization kit recommended.

Cuboid Spacer System

Exclusive Standard Features

Cuboid Spacer System

The manufacturer's patented Cuboid Spacer System relieves frustration and downtime in looking for lost spacers because the spacers never leave the machine.

Cuboid is a six-sided form with rectangular sides. Three specific thicknesses conform to different pipe sizes. Only four cuboid spacers are used to quickly set up the machine. In the past, 12 spacers were required.

The saddle of each machine and the four cuboids allow four specific pipe sizes to be cut. Each side of every cuboid spacer is clearly stamped to ensure cutting the correct pipe size. When not in use the cuboid spacers are securely housed on the back of the saddle. It's a no-lose proposition in time-saving productivity.

Saddle Design
Improved Saddle Design

The manufacturer achieves function and financial advantages for the customer over its competition by designing the precision saddle and ring gear as separate components.

Instead of locating the ring gear in the middle the manufacturer places the saddle behind the ring gear, greatly reducing the risk of warping the saddle while back-beveling.

The manufacturer's Saddle Assembly is less likely to be damaged; however, if a problem occurs, this separate component design is more economical in replacement costs.

7CS Solid Torch Holder

7CS Solid Torch Holder

Now standard on all of the manufacturer's saddle-type beveling machines, the Model "C" Adjustable Torch Holder, the Model "C" Out-of-Round Attachment, and all Shape-Cutting Attachments, the 7CS Solid Torch Holder provides greater cutting accuracy, efficiency, and strength. A single thumbscrew secures the torch instead of hose clamps. A cotter pin makes the thumbscrew captive to the torch holder, allowing easy removal or replacement of the torch. Precise and simple to use, the 7CS means solid performance.

NOTE: The 7CS is available for retrofitting to the manufacturer's 5C Torch Carrier Assembly. Only two screws are needed for removal and replacement.

2DH Boomer Strap2DH Boomer Strap Eye Assembly

Forget cotter pins and S-hooks. The manufacturer offers a safer, more dependable 2DH Boomer Strap Eye Assembly. The 2DH allows the chain on the boomer assembly to quickly adjust and securely lock the machine to its respective pipe size. The boomer assembly is now a captive member of the machine.

Quality Control

Every machine is manufactured through a rigid system of quality controls, calibrated to +/- .025 in concentricity and +/- .015 in squareness during final assembly and then rechecked one last time before distribution.


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Optional Accessories

Motorization KitMotorization Kits

For large pipe work or fabrication the manufacturer highly recommends its motorization kits when 115 AC is available.

The manufacturer's Motorization Kits achieve precise torch speed, increased production and consistent, high-quality beveled edges with every cutting and beveling operation. Speed ranges are sufficient for most plasma-cutting applications.

NOTE:  Each motorization kit has a 115VAC control box and a 90VDC reversible motor; complete with gear reduction box, mounting bracket, and gear guard. Motorization kits with instructions are available for field installation or are factory installed on new machines.
Torch Valve Manifold Block

Torch Valve Manifold Block (TVMB)

The manufacturer's Torch Valve Manifold Block saves time and energy in accurate torch settings without wasting oxygen and fuel gas.

With the TVMP just adjust the torch once. A lever turns the torch on and off without altering the flame setting. Consistent, uniform, high-quality, flame-cut bevels from end to end are achieved every time! The TVMB also eliminates hose drag for even greater accuracy and productivity.

NOTE:  This accessory fits all Pipe Beveling Machines. Field installation requires one hole to be drilled and tapped.

Double Torch Holder Double Torch Holder

Increase productivity by 100% with the manufacturer's Double Torch Holder!

It consists of one 18" torch arm with two 5C Torch Carrier Assemblies.

After positioning the torch holders at specific bevel angle, two beveled cuts can be made in one revolution.

NOTE: For ultimate precision and control, use of the Double Torch Holder in conjunction with the optional TVMB is strongly advised.

Storage Box

Storage Boxes

The best protection for your machine during transportation and storage is the lightweight aluminum storage box. Storage boxes for all Models No. 0 through No. 5 Standard Beveling Machines are available.

NOTE:  Boxes for Model No. 30 and Model No. 5 are available by special order only.

Adjustable Torch Holder
Model "C" Adjustable Torch Holder

Both horizontal and vertical torch movements are easily made by the Model "C" Adjustable Torch Holder with its two rack-and-pinion-driven, dove-tailed slide assemblies. Smooth, accurate torch adjustments eliminate blow holes. Even the torch height can be changed while the cutting torch is in motion.

No special modifications are needed with most torch lengths. A built-in protractor provides precise bevel angles every time. The Model "C" fits all Standard Beveling Machines, except the Model No. 0, which requires a special adapter plate.

NOTE:  The Model "C" Adjustable Torch Holder fits all Standard Pipe Beveling Machines. A special adapter plate is required for the Model No. 0.

Model "C" Out-of-Round Attachment

Model "C" Out-of-Round AttachmentCut and bevel imperfect pipe and create square ends without a problem with Model "C" Out-of-Round Attachment.

Riding on the outside diameter of the pipe, the Model "C" compensates for errors in roundness by using a spring-loaded, dove-tailed slide.

Like the Model "C" Torch Holder, the Out-of-Round features the same precise assemblies for independent horizontal and vertical torch movements. A built-in protractor provides precise forward- or back-beveling angle settings.

The Model "C" Out-of-Round Attachment fits all Standard Beveling Machines that cut and bevel 3" to 36" pipe. The Model No. 0 requires a special adapter when working 2" to 4" pipe.

NOTE:  The Model "C" Out-of-Round Attachment fits all Standard Pipe Beveling Machines. A special adapter plate is required for the Model No. 0.

Shape Cutters

Shape-Cutting Attachments and Templates

Even novices to pipe cutting and beveling can achieve superior-quality craftsmanship in making saddles, Y's, T's, miters, and various angle cuts on all of the manufacturer's machines with shape-cutting attachments and templates.

Each custom-made prefabricated metal template is bolted to the face of the ring gear. The torch is spring-loaded against the template. While the machine rotates around the pipe the torch moves along the same path as the template. The triangular design of hard-anodized travel tubes and carriage rollers ensures lateral torch stability and smooth, consistent, horizontal torch travel during a complete revolution. Achieve accurate cuts from proven patterns every time, even when cutting miters up to 45 degrees.

Custom Made Template
When ordering the Shape Cutting Templates:

For miters - Specify machine model, pipe diameter, wall thickness, and angle of miter.

For saddles - Specify machine model, pipe diameter, wall thickness of branch, pipe diameter being intersected, and angle of intersection.

For other shapes - Please furnish technical drawings.

NOTE:  Shape Cutting Attachments for Model No. 30 and Model No. 5 are available by special order only.

Standard Shape-Cutting Attachments

Net Weight
Model No.
Recommended Usage
Model No. 0
Model No. 0
Standard 24"
Model Nos. 1 and 2
Standard 36"
Model Nos. 3 and 4

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The Leader of the Band

Stainless steel bandsBand-Type Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine

The manufacturer is the leader with its Band-Type Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine for speed, accuracy, and versatile operations on large-diameter pipe. The Motorized Beveling Head is constructed of cast aluminum. Its lightweight, compact design allows for easy one-man setup and operation. Seventeen different stainless steel bands provide a cutting range of 10" to 96" diameter pipe, plus special bands are available to cut pipe diameters up to 20 feet. In about five minutes a single operator can position the band and beveling machine head on 48" diameter pipe and begin the cutting process.

The manufacturer's machine has the following features:

Stainless Steel Bands

  • Economical - each band overlaps numerous pipe sizes
  • Automatically compensates for over- and under-sized pipe
  • Unaffected by dope or coating on the pipe
  • Assures accuracy - overlapping squares up the band
  • Flexibly conforms to out-of-round pipe

NOTE:  Each band includes a drive chain and a coupling.

Motorized beveling machine head

Motorized Beveling Machine Head

  • Rugged, lightweight cast aluminum chassis
  • Easily portable at only 18 lbs.
  • Works with all of the manufacturer's stainless steel bands
  • Variable speed control box with forward and reverse capabilities
  • Standard 90 volt DC motor
  • Speed ranges - 2 ipm to 24 ipm
  • 220 volt optional
  • Plasma speeds optional

NOTE:  The Motorized Beveling Machine Head includes a 115 VAC control box, DC reversible motor, torch holder and works with all band sizes. It DOES NOT include cutting torch and tip.

Manual beveling machine headManual Beveling Machine Head

  • Rugged, lightweight cast aluminum chassis
  • Easily portable at only 20 lbs.
  • Works with all of the manufacturer's stainless steel bands
  • Fitted with an 8.5' flexible drive cable and crank handle
  • No electricity required

NOTE:  The Manual Beveling Machine Head includes an 8.5 foot flexible drive cable, torch holder and works with all band sizes. It DOES NOT include cutting torch and tip.

Band-Type Machine Storage Box

Storage BoxThe optional Band-Type Machine Storage Box is ruggedly constructed, making it a safe storage place for one beveling machine head and several bands, plus torches, cutting tips, strikers, tip cleaners, and more.

NOTE:  The Storage Box provides storage for one beveling machine head and multiple bands.

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Productivity Tools

Chain-type pipe machine

Chain-Type Pipe Machine

  • 4" to 24" pipe capacity
  • Additional chain links can be purchased for larger pipe sizes
  • Cutting torch and three tips included
  • Control valves for fuel gas, pre-heat, and cutting oxygen included
  • Manual drive (brass worm gears provide smooth motion)
  • Torch holder racks in, out, up, and down
  • Torch holder can be positioned at any angle

NOTE: A handy clutch allows quick rotation of the machine around the pipe to verify position and square up the chain.

Pipe Accessories

General pipe dollyGeneral Pipe Dolly

A one-piece body with adjustable rollers easily accommodates for pipe diameter sizes from 3" to 30". When used in pairs, pipe is safely supported and rotated and assists in multiple welding tasks.


General pipe tongsGeneral Pipe Tongs

Strongly built for rugged pipeline construction conditions, General Pipe Tongs feature grip pads made for safe, positive pipe engagement and are field-replaceable. The tongs automatically release when the lift line slacks off the pipe. General Pipe Tongs are available in sizes 2" to 36" with modes for both steel and cast-iron pipe.


Precision-Spacing Wedges

Precision-Spacing Wedges are manufactured of high-grade carbon steel, precision-ground, and heat-treated. Available in two sizes they accommodate small to large diameter pipe.

Large pipe wedge
Large Pipe Wedge - 1 3/4" x 8 3/4" x 1/4"
Small pipe wedge
Small Pipe Wedge - 3/4" x 4" x 3/16"


Pipe clamps

Pipe Clamps

APC16 Adjustable Pipe Clamp

Here is one great tool that does the work of 12 cage-type clamps. The APC16 Adjustable Pipe Clamp comes complete and ready to align 2" to 16" diameter pipe.

Now available in either durable ductile cast iron or aluminum the APC16 features convenient carrying handles and precisely machined Vs for perfect pipe alignment every time. At only 32 lbs. for the cast iron and 18 lbs. for the aluminum, these clamps are lightweight and easily portable to any jobsite. One person can position either clamp and start welding in about two minutes for most applications and pipe sizes.

Acme 3/4 - 6" threaded bolts and nuts tighten the pipe chain around the pipe. Each adjusting nut is fitted with its own handle. No extra tools or ratchet handles are needed. The Acme threaded bolts, nuts, and chains are captive to the pipe clamp, eliminating any lost or misplaced items.


Master chain clampSingle and Double Master Chain Clamp

The manufacturer introduces its new Master Chain Clamp, a versatile clamping system designed to increase productivity. One person can quickly and safely perform perfect fit-ups of flanges, T's, and elbows in minutes. Each Single or Double Master Chain Clamp works 4" to 16" diameter pipe/fittings. Additional chain links and jack bars can be added for larger pipe sizes. The Single Clamp weighs 28 lbs. and the Double Clamp weighs 56 lbs. when fully assembled. Either clamp can be streamlined when working smaller-sized pipe by simply removing any extra chain links and jack bars. Set-up, positioning, and alignment for welding are now faster, easier, and more precise.

WARNING: Master Chain Clamp is exclusively designed as a precision tool for aligning pipe fittings to pipe and end-to-end alignment of pipe for welding. It is NOT intended to support or lift the entire length of a pipe. Always exercise extreme caution when using this product.



Single Clamp Single clamp

Chain Links

  • 23 links work 4" to 16" diameter pipe/fittings
  • 7/16-14 bolts connect each link
  • Links can be quickly added or removed

NOTE: 43 chain links are supplied with the Double Chain Clamp.

Jack Bars

  • System includes eight
  • Constructed of ductile cast iron
  • Each fitted with two jacking screws
  • Re-forms pipe up to .375" wall thickness

NOTE: The Double Chain Clamp reforms pipe up to .500" wall thickness.

Latching Handle

  • Includes a 3/4" Acme thread bolt and nut
  • Secures clamp quickly and efficiently to pipe

NOTE: Two latching handles are supplied with the Double Chain Clamp.


Support Mechanism

  • Fully adjustable
  • Supports large fittings
  • Quickly allows squaring and leveling

Double Clamp

Double clamp

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