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Portable Power (Solar)

Solaris 26 Tri-Fold Solar ArraySolaris 26 Tri-Fold Solar Array

Convert sunshine into 26 watts of 12V DC power with the Solaris 26. Runs portable electronics, including satellite phones. It has a rugged Cordura case that stows with your laptop. At its heart are three durable, high performance Monocrystalline Solar Cells. Link multiple Solaris 26's together for even more juice. Size: 15" x 12" x 1.5". Pocket to hold all cables. Voltage regulated to protect devices.

SolarPort™ 4.4

SolarPort 4.4The SolarPort 4.4 is a convenient way to recharge and run your cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs and GPS's far far away from any power outlets. The Solar Port 4.4 sucks up the sun's rays' to supercharge your stuff anywhere. Rugged enough to throw in your pack. Details: Produces 4.4 watts (265mA @ 12V position and 530mA @ 6V position), polycrystalline solar panel construction, includes BattJack battery charger, USB output (5V 500mA), Vehicle outlet in hinge, 6V/12V depending on the position of the voltage switch, 20" extendable power cable with exchangeable adapter plug, can be daisy-chained for added output (up to 3 units).

SolarFlat 5SolarFlat 5

14" x 13.3" x 0.6". Max output: 5 watts (15 Volts / 350 mA). Amorphous solar cells for high low-light performance. Use to trickle charge batteries in RVs, cars, boats, ATVs, etc. Durable Weatherproof ABS plastic frame. Blue LED indicator light. Reverse flow protection. Integrated battery overcharge protection. Includes 10 feet cable, vehicle cable and battery clamps. One year warranty.

Solar Roll 14Solar Roll 14

Amorphous solar cells for effective low-light performance. Reverse flow protection. Waterproof/Tefzel fluoropolymer construction for extreme durability. UV transparent. Link multiple like-units together for even more output. Includes a vehicle outlet cable multi-linking cable. One year warranty.