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Generators - QAS 30


QAS 30 generator


Superior Performance -- Reduced Operating Costs

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Respect For Our Environment



QAS 30: The Benchmark for Rugged, Reliable, and Durable Generators

The new QAS 30 line of portable generators from Atlas Copco provides quieter operation, reduced emissions, and lower acquisition and operating costs. Applying insights gained from industrial customers, rental companies, public utilities, and other end users, Atlas Copco engineers designed the QAS 30 with the most desirable features and capabilities:


  • Diesel power by the reliable John Deere engine
  • Electrical power by Newage/Stamford BCI series alternators
  • Selectable 3-phase and 1-phase voltages
  • Atlas Copco QC1001 control system
  • 24-hour run time fuel capacity inside the base frame
  • 14-gauge galvanneal steel canopy for high durability
  • Spillage-free base frame for environmental protection
  • 120V single phase on the duplex in any voltage condition


Control Panel and Module

Purpose-Built for Mobile Applications

QAS generators are designed to withstand the most demanding on-site conditions and environments. Wide opening doors and easily removable panels offer excellent access to all components, and all service items are accessed on the same side of the unit.


Throughout the unit, safety is designed in. Outlet sockets are fully weatherproof outlet. The terminal board for hard wire connections is located behind a plexiglas door and is lockable to prevent unwanted access.


Environmentally Sensitive


The QAS 30 includes excellent noise reduction features that allow operation in noise sensitive locations such as hospital and residential areas -- even at night. The equipment is housed in an acoustically treated, weather-proof galvanneal steel frame that is fully sealed to contain any spillages. Exhaust emissions have been minimized to comply with the latest requirements, including US Non-Road Tier II.


Standard Features and Options


QAS 30 generators come standard with remote start and electronic speed control. The 24-hour run time fuel tank is housed within the generator base frame to ensure environmental protection. All units come standard with a fuel pre-filter.


Optional quick disconnect fittings and a three-way transfer valve allow customized fuel hookups onsite. Other options include coolant heaters, battery chargers, and heavy-duty trailers in two brake configurations.


No matter how you equip your QAS 30, you enjoy the peace of mind that your Atlas Copco generator will provide years of dependable service for your portable electrical power generation needs.


Performance Data


Three Phase Prime Power Rating (KW/kVA)


Single Phase Prime Power Rating (KW)
Voltage Selections 3-Phase
Voltage Selections 1-Phase
Amperage Capability @ 120V-1 phase (A)
2 x 75
Amperage Capability @ 240V-1 phase (A)
Amperage Capability @ 208V-3 phase (A)
Amperage Capability @ 240V-3 phase (A)
Amperage Capability @ 480V-3 phase (A)
Voltage Regulation Accuracy (%)
Frequency Regulation (%)
Single Step Load Acceptance (%)
Engine Make
John Deere
Electrical System Voltage
Fuel Capacity
Fuel Consumption @ 25% Load (gal/hr)
Fuel Consumption @ 50% Load (gal/hr)
Fuel Consumption @ 75% Load (gal/hr)
Fuel Consumption @ 100% Load (gal/hr)
Fuel Autonomy at full load (hours)
Fuel Autonomy at 75% load (hours)
Sound Level @ 23 Feet and 75% Load
Alternator Make
Alternator Model
Insulation Class
Number of Leads


Product Specifications


Generator Features
Electronic Speed Control
Remote Start
Digital Control System
Multi-Voltage Selector Switch
Terminal Board
Convenience Receptacles
20A - 125V GFCI Duplex Receptacles
50A - 250V Receptacles
Skid-mounted Dimensions (L x W x H) in.
84 x 38 x 47
Skid-mounted Weight (lbs)
Trailer-Mounted Dimensions (L x W x H) in.
140 x 70 x 63
Trailer-Mounted Weight (lbs)
Trailer Data
Single Axle
Braking System
Hydraulic or Electric
Trailer Options
Stabilizer Jacks,
Spare Tire,
2" Ball Coupling


Two generators


Atlas Copco at your service


Atlas Copco at Your Service


Filters and ParOilAtlas Copco has two thousand trained service technicians in over 150 countries worldwide. Should a problem ever occur, access to their expertise is only a telephone call way. They can help assure a long service life for your equipment through its correct maintenance and the use of genuine parts.


Atlas Copco carefully monitors the maintenance needs of all its generators. Service intervals are carefully assessed to ensure optimum performance is maintained and operating costs reduced. Service kits are available to ensure optimum performance of the generator throughout its life.


Atlas Copco makes no compromise on the quality of replacement parts: Only genuine parts will provide the longevity and reliability you demand. Selected high quality Atlas Copco engine oil is also available. It meets the stringent quality specifications required to enable your unit to run smoothly, shift after shift. Oils are available in 5, 20, and 209 liter containers.


For complete peace of mind, Atlas Copco can also offer a choice of service contracts.