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Secoroc RC 50 - Reverse Circulation

The Secoroc RC 50 Raises the Standard

Secoroc RC 50 hammerThe key criteria our customers wanted from our new Secoroc RC 50 reverse circulation drill were simplicity, performance, and reliability. Our engineers responded by incorporating the Quantum Leap air cycle into the RC hammer, creating a high frequency hammer with world class performance and reliability.

The Secoroc RC 50’s high frequency enables it to perform well in all rock formations. The Quantum Leap air cycle maximizes efficiency and develops greater power for large or small compressor capacities. The air cycle utilizes a special poppet valve to drive air pressure to accelerate the piston to higher energy levels. Longevity and reliability are due to a larger piston-struck end, a heat-treated collection tube, and the use of the Quantum Leap valve cycle.

Atlas Copco’s reverse circulation hammers are specifically designed for both deep hole exploration drilling and in-pit grade control applications. Whether you are exploring potential sites or working an existing mine, you can be assured of high performance, exceptional reliability, and dependable support.

High performance – High productivity. You can expect 15% to 20% higher penetration from the new Secoroc RC 50 series of hammers compared to equal RC hammers on the market. Our proprietary Quantum Leap air cycle maximizes efficiency and develops greater power for any compressor capacity available. Easy service, a reliable design, exceptional service life, and faster penetration rate settles for higher productivity.

Secoroc RC 50 hammerReliability you can trust. The Secoroc RC 50 raises the standard by which all others are measured. Our hammers are known for their long-term, low-maintenance endurance.

Best performance in all rock formations. The Secoroc RC 50's high frequency together with a high mass piston
provides a high output of power, ensuring cutting edge performance and excellent rate of penetration.

Dependable support. Our reputation for reliability and support is known throughout the industry. You will receive comprehensive equipment training and fast response to problems when needed.

RC Bit
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Casing - The 130 mm OD casing is made of high tensile heat-treated steel for maximum wear properties.
Secoroc RC 50 hammer
Atlas Copco Secoroc Quality DTH RC Bits - Maximize production while minimizing operating costs. Durable Non-Ported Piston - By utilizing the Quantum Leap air cycle, the Secoroc RC 50 is able to use a piston without the many ports and passageways found in competitors' pistons. The result: longer life, better performance, and lower operating costs.
Secoroc RC 50 hammer disassembled
Collector Tube Assembly

Easily Serviced Collector Tube Assembly - Our unique collector tube assembly consists of a lower center tube and a upper adapter tube. The unique tube retention system is easy to service since you don't have to disassemble the hammer to replace tubes. The result? Minimum down-time and maximum time producing samples.

Atlas Copco Reverse Circulation Rigs

ROC L8RC - The ROC L8 is a multipurpose open pit and quarry drill rig, and drills to a maximum of 177 ft. The ROC L8 handles pre-split drilling, production drilling, and now also in-pit grade control when equipped with the RC kit, which includes a cyclone and a splitter box with a pneumatic vibrator.
Explorac 220RC
Explorac 220RC- The Explorac 220 RC is a highly advanced RC rig and is operated by remote control. The Explorac 220 RC is a purpose built DTH rig with a rotary head made for extreme hammer drilling, and therefore ideal for reverse circulation drilling with hole depths up to 1200 ft.
Explorac R50
Explorac R50 - The Explorac R50 is an extremely well proven workhorse with simple design. The high accessibility and reliability make it particularly interesting for drillers operating in remote areas. The R50 can be mounted on truck or on crawler depending on which terrain the rig will be used in. The Explorac R50 is purpose built for tough RC drilling using 4 1/2" or 4" dual wall drillpipes.
RD 10+
RD 10+ - The Atlas Copco RD 10+ is a hydraulic tophead drive drill designed for reverse circulation drilling. The RD 10+ produces 100,000 lbs. of pullback and 10,000 ft.-lb. of rotary head torque to ensure efficient drilling. The RD 10+ is designed to work in rugged environments.

Secoroc RC 50 Specifications
Outside diameter
Secoroc RC 50
Length without bit
Length with bit extended
Length with bit retracted
Weight without bit
158 lbs.
Spanner flat on top sub
Minimum bit size
5 1/2"
Maximum bit size
Cylinder bore
Piston weight
38 lbs.
Stroke length
Working pressure
145-500 psi
Make up torque
5000 ft.-lb.
Thread connection
4 1/2" Remet BOX

Secoroc Bit Assortment - 5 3/8", 5 1/2", 5 5/8", 5 3/4", 6", 6 1/2"*            *for setting casing

Secoroc RC 50 Chuck Sleeve Assortment - 5.2", 5.28", 5.4", 5.47", 5.52", 5.59", 5.65", 5.77", 5.9" 6", 6.2", 6.4"

Secoroc RC 50 Kits and Consumables - Seal kit, Adapter tube assembly, Collector tub assembly, QL valve assembly, Check valve assembly, Service kit

Secoroc RC 50 Accessories - Bit holder, Grinding wheel (16 mm), Wrench NV102