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Models  6RG, 12RG, 20RG, 30RG, 4.5PE, 8.0PE, 7RG, 13RG, 8K, 4.5RG, 5.7PE, 9.7PE   Models 4.0DJ, 10JW, 7-6WC, 4-6WC, 5.0DJ, 7WC, 6WC, 4WCR
Models 25CHD, 25CHD-R, 30NV, 60PG, 12NV, 40PG, 4CH, 7CH, 60DWS, 15NV, 50PG, 30PG, 5CH   Models 1JW, 5.0DJ, 5JW, 3WRAM, 2JW, 10JW, 1.0ES, 4.ODJ, 6JW, 3DJ, 4JW, 1.0RHP, 1.5JW, 4.0HP
Models 1JW, 25DM, 2JW, 25CHD, 3JW, 25CHD-R, 15WX, 20WX, 30PG, 30WX, 15WXA, 50PG, 20WXA, 40PG, 30WXA, 40RM, 20WIR, 60PG, 20WIRA, 40RM-50RR, 15WM, 40PGIR, 15WMA, 40PGIR-50RR, 25AM