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The Hole Story


Secoroc - Simply the Best!


Productivity and Value


Whether you desire the most productive DTH hammers in the world or prefer to minimize your equipment investment, Atlas Copco offers the widest range of hammers, bits, and related items in the industry. From the technological leadership of the Total Depth and COP Gold series of hammers, to the economy of the DHD Classic, to the balanced features and investment of the COP and Quantum Leap models, Atlas Copco today can meet any and all of your drilling equipment needs. Our family of hammers can truly offer you the best value for every application.

Secoroc Total Depth hammer

Total Depth


Our Total Depth product line was developed for drilling contractors, owner-operators, and large corporations seeking maximum productivity from their costly drill rig investment. This product line delivers industry-leading drilling performance using state-of-the-art technology. Our hybrid valved/valveless design maximizes the productivity of your air compressor. An enlarged piston bore coupled with accurate matching of piston-to-bit weight deliver the industry's highest power output.


The Total Depth product line features modular components, snap-in cylinders, and backhead saver sleeves to deliver industry-leading simplicity, serviceability, and the lowest operating costs.

Secoroc Cop Gold hammer

COP Gold


Our COP Gold hammer is without a doubt one of the most reliable hammers ever built. The hammer case is made of a special steel specifically developed for abrasive applications. The piston features a polygonal shape to improve guidance. Thanks to the steel disc spring and lower buffer, operating pressure is rated at a market high of 400 psi. Our patented air cushion and other unique design features combine to utilize the airflow at maximum efficiency. Available in three configurations (Q, QHD, and standard) the COP Gold hammer works in all drilling applications.

Secoroc Quantum Leap hammer

Quantum Leap


Our Quantum Leap product line is available for those seeking a good balance between strong performance and cost. This product line was the drilling industry's first hybrid-combination of valve and valveless air cycle down-hole drills. Setting many industry benchmarks, the Quantum Leap line continues to offer good value.


Secoroc COP Hammers




Our COP series of hammers feature proven technology and reliability. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, COP hammers deliver performance without breaking the bank.

Secoroc DHD Classic hammer

DHD Classic


Our DHD Classic product line is available for drilling contractors, owner-operators, and large corporations who are specifically looking for the lowest priced drill. This time-tested design is practically bullet proof--it has been in continuous, successful use in the industry for over 30 years.


DTH hammer


What Do You Value in a DTH Hammer?


Atlas Copco offers the widest range of choices of any DTH hammer manufacturer in the industry. Period. You decide what balance of technology, performance, and investment is right for your drilling conditions:


  • The Total Depth and COP Gold lines offer premium performance and features. These products are for drilling contractors and owner-operators who seek maximum productivity and the latest in down-hole drill technology and product features.

  • The Quantum Leap and COP lines offer a combination of field proven technology at a competitive price.

  • The DHD Classic line offers time-tested technology and industry standard products at an economical price.
DTH hammer in use

Technology that Works




Matching DTH hammer air consumption to compressor delivery can be difficult and prone to guesswork. With the patented AIRselect system the process is both simple and efficient. Unlike bypass plugs or chokes, this proprietary Atlas Copco system does not rob penetration rate as air compression is increased.


COP Gold hammers



COP Gold Wear Resistant Technology


COP Gold hammers use a special high strength steel specially developed for rock drilling applications, which means it stands up to abrasion.


You can even wear it down below recommended wear limits and it still will not crack.


All in all, you can look forward to a 30-50% longer service life compared to many competitors' models.






Non-Lube DTH Hammer



Non-Lube DTH hammers deliver long life and high performance without needing the oil or polymers normally required for lubrication. Non-Lube technology also addresses environmental concerns relating to the use of oil. Advanced sealing technology compensates for wear and maintains high performance after many external rebuilds.



Cluster Drills in use at jobsite
Cluster Drills in use at jobsite


Cluster Drills


Cluster Drills


Atlas Copco offers a hard rock drilling system capable of drilling 32 to 70 inch diameter holes by combining multiple down-hole drills into a single canister.

These drills are custom engineered and manufactured to meet each customer's unique hole size requirements. The drills are short, lightweight, and compact, featuring exclusive, patented technology for self-indexing and quick-release bits.

The bottom line: Servicing is infrequent and unusually efficient.





Fluids need to be injected to clean a drilled hole, and until Hydrocyclone technology drilling speeds were compromised as fluids were injected. Atlas Copco's exclusive, patented system expels injected fluids just above the down-hole drill. The result?

As much fluid as necessary can be injected without concern for loss of performance. The hole stays clean, and the hammer runs as if it was operating dry.


Utility Power Pole Drill


Utility Power Pole Drill


When compared to augering or blasting methods, Atlas Copco's utility pole drill permits electric pole sockets to be drilled in hard rock much more efficiently. When coupled with a portable compressor and a pole installation truck, the result is rapid creation of multiple utility pole holes.


Jet Sub


Jet Sub


Atlas Copco's Jetted Total Depth backhead prevents the power losses normally associated with air bypass.

The upward facing ventures on the backhead allow extremely high volumes of bypass flow to escape behind the DTH hammer to enhance performance and hole cleaning capacity without the use of booster compressors.



Bit Retrieval System

Bit Retrieval System


Oil and Gas drilling contractors and owner-operators understand that everything down-hole must be extremely reliable. Bit failures occurring deep in a well bore are very costly.

In some extreme cases a bore must be abandoned if a broken bit cannot be recovered, and this can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Atlas Copco's Bit Retrieval System reduces this risk by providing a secondary means for securing a bit head to a down-hole drill to both facilitate and guarantee recovery.

Atlas Copco's Specially Formulated Oils

Super-Tac logo




Atlas Copco's SUPER-TAC rock drill oils are engineered and developed for the unique requirements of today's high performance DTHs. Pressure, power, and performance are higher today than ever before, and you need an oil you can count on. Atlas Copco also offers an extended DTH warranty for DTH hammers that are lubricated with SUPER-TAC.






COP Oil logoA semi-synthetic oil for Atlas Copco pneumatic and hydraulic rock drills and DTH hammers that unites technology and environment.


COP OIL is made of carefully selected components that give the highest technical performance.


COP OIL has a broad temperature range that gives you optimum operation in the most variable air temperatures. It withstands heavy loads and protects against wear and corrosion.



Reverse Circulation Drill Rig


Reverse Circulation


The only purpose-built RC rig, the Explorac 220RC drill rig and the TD50RC center-recovery reverse circulation hammer, is for exploration and in pit grade control drillers that are serious about productivity, reliability, and longevity. Industry leading productivity is generated from its Total Depth operating cycle, while innovative design makes this product service friendly.

DTH Bits

DTH Bits

Atlas Copco offers a broad range of bits of different designs and sizes for all DTH applications.

Built on a foundation that includes many years of design experience and material technology, all Atlas Copco bits are comprised of high quality alloy steel, precision machining, controlled heat treatment, surface compression for fatigue resistance, and high quality precision fitted buttons from our own in-house manufacturing.

The bottom line is you get a high quality product with optimum productivity time after time from a brand you can trust.



Drill Pipe


Though their importance is often underestimated, pipes play an important role in DTH drilling--regardless of application, rock type, hole depth, or drill rig. The key feathers of a high quality DTH pipe are durability, accuracy, and manageability.


Drill PipeSecoroc pipes are made from cold drawn tubing, providing a superior surface finish and tolerance compared to their hot-rolled counterparts. Our solution drastically reduces the risk of scaling--the cause of so many premature hammer failures.


Traditionally, the threads and the joint between the pipe and end-pieces are vulnerable. To combat the problem we've friction-welded the joints for maximum strength and heat-treated the end-pieces for optimum the threads ensures not only a long service life, but also simplifies joining and breaking--thereby cutting cycle time. To meet varying demands, we provide a selection of API threads. For applications where foam injection is used we recommend IF thread. Atlas Copco also offers all of the other popular thread configurations: BECO, Full Hole (FH), and "Z". Naturally, we also offer a wide range of subs and crossovers--all made of high quality steel and heat-treated in the same way as pipe end-pieces.


Sub Adapters


Sub Adapters


Usually a short adapter, threaded on both ends in a male/female, female/female, or male/male configuration. Subs may be used to increase or decrease the thread diameter or change the thread style as needed for a particular application.


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