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Tricone Bits

Focus - The Latest Range of Rotary Drill Bits from Atlas Copco

Tricone bits at site Atlas Copco presents the latest in rotary drilling equipment - Focus rotary drill bits. This new range is designed to withstand the ever-increasing forces and rotational speeds of today's rotary drill rigs while offering market-leading performance.

State-of-the-art engineering has resulted in new designs and insert shapes that facilitate excellent penetration rates in both soft rock and hard abrasive rock.

In fact, there are up to 320 different models to fulfill the needs of professional Rotary drillers.

Tricone bitDetails Make the Difference

Focus rotary bits are available as milled steel-teeth bits or as tungsten carbide insert (TCI) Tricone bits. Milled steel-teeth bits can be hardened and surfaces treated with carbide for extra resilience. They are ideal for soft to medium hard rock.

TCI Tricone bits offer a variety of carbide inserts such as spherically shaped inserts for very hard rock or conically shaped inserts for softer rock. The number of rows of inserts is directly related to the type of application and the size of hole to be drilled. There are also open and sealed bearings available as well as three types of shirttail protection to choose from. Finally, Focus rotary bits can use both fluid and air circulation.

Tricone bits
Waterwell Drilling

Drilling for water is a demanding operation where rock conditions can vary from work site to work site.

With Focus rotary bits there are a magnitude of cone designs with both open and sealed bearings to match these conditions.

Bits are available from 2 15/16" to 6 3/4" in diameter with milled steel-teeth or with tungsten carbide inserts. They are also designed for center fluid and air flushing.


Tricone bitsMining

Focus rotary bits are put to the test when drilling blastholes in mines. The environment is tough; and inserts, bearings, and shirttails are often subject to three shifts a day in hard abrasive rock.

This requires the best Focus has to offer -- TCI Tricone bits. They are equipped with large roller bearings that can take maximum load, specially designed flushing holes for effective cooling and cuttings removal, specially designed cone heads and inserts for maximum penetration, and three shirttail designs to facilitate the best protection for the drill bits. TCI Tricone bits for mining are available from 4 3/4" to 12 1/4" in diameter.

The Range

Focus rotary drill bits come in 320 different models, from small milled steel-teeth bits to multiple row, carbide insert TCI Tricone bits.

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Cutting Structures

Cutting structures

Steel-Tooth Waterwell Bits

Steel-tooth waterwell bits
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