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TwinAir Compressor


Drilling Services


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XAH 2250 CD6

XRV 2000 CD6

Drilling is essential for every mining and digging business. The need to find and extract more resources is permanent, and this has to lead the demand for deeper and faster drilling. Oil and gas, geothermal, coal bed methane, water wells, and blast holes are just a few of the applications where high pressure and high capacity air compressors are required.


Atlas Copco understands, so we've developed the TwinAir. It is quite simply the most robust, versatile, and safety-enhanced air supply unit on the market. It's a unique package that delivers the highest volume of compressed air in relation to its footprint. Foot for foot, or meter for meter, no other machine packs a punch quite like it.


At last, a machine that reflects the character of its customers.

TwinAir compressor
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  • Standard 20-foot container with forklift slots and lifting eyes
  • 2 CAT C13 ACERT T3 engines. 328 kW (439 HP) each for a combined total of 656 kW (878 HP) output
  • Controls for each engine are separate
  • Air outlets on the two short sides of the container
  • Large service access doors
  • Door latches with locks and door safe-hooks
  • Controls including external fuel connections and emergency stop buttons readily accessible
  • Spillage-free skid frame
  • Centralized service drains
  • CSC certification
  • Storage space
  • Maintenance service kits (1)
  • FuelXpert (1)
  • COSMOS (1)
  • Spark arrester (1)
  • Overspeed protection (1)
(1) Optional


  • Easy to move around, and can be stored up to 3 high
  • Highest airflow per square foot
  • Delivers a maximum free air output of 2232 cfm (1058 l/s)
  • Pressure options of 365 psi (25 Bar) and 175 psi (12 Bar)
  • Opt to run at half the maximum flow rating if desired
  • Ease of serviceability
  • Easy accessibility to airflow output
  • Accessible for maintenance from either end
  • For security and to avoid inadvertent closure
  • Intuitive and east-to-use controls, all at hand, and in one place
  • A real concern for the environment
  • Fast and easy drainage at service intervals
  • Transportable as container cargo
  • For parts & small tool equipment
  • All necessary parts for servicing and maintenance in one convenient kit
  • Fuel efficiency that is best in class
  • Know when and where to service your machines at all times
  • Prevents hot particles leaving the exhaust pipes in sensitive environments
  • Prevents engine overrun

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Working Pressure
Free Air Delivery (2)
XAH 2250 CD6
175 psi (12 Bar)
2232 cfm (1058 l/s)
XRV 2000 CD6
365 psi (25 Bar)
1975 cfm (936 l/s)
(2) acc to ISO 1217 ed. 3 1996 Annex D

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XAH 2250 CD6       XRV 2000 CD6

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