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AWDS Movie Theater

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Whip Socks
Whip Sock video showing the dramatic difference between a single leg whip check and our dual leg whip sock.
Whip Socks Technical
Whip Sock technical video explaining the development of the dual leg whip sock.
Elemex Movie
The Elemex Movie by Atlas Copco showing the advantages of minimal air intrusion to the surrounding environment.
Drilling With Elemex
Drilling With Symmetrix Elemex System shows actual production drilling near existing buildings.
Symmetrix Movie
The Symmetrix Movie explains the general concept of overburden drilling and the Symmetrix advantages.
AWDS Warehouse
AWDS Warehouse Video is a short tour of our warehouse.
Drilling with Matex DD Expand shows how it assists in making a dry drilling hole in a wet environment.
Drilling with Matex Foam shows how it helps remove cuttings in a wet environment.
Foam Polymer
Drilling with Matex ES Foam + Polymer shows how it helps remove cuttings in a wet environment and coats the borehole wall.
Matex Hole Control
The Matex Hole Stabilization Video shows the differences in using and not using hole stabilization products.
Well Camera
This well camera video shows actual footage using the R-Cam 1000 System.
XST Overburden
The XST Drilling System Video shows the general concept of XS overburden drilling.
This casing cutter video shows 18" casing being cut above ground. Includes some specifications.
This casing cutter video shows casing being cut above ground.
Power Pole Drill
The Utility Power Pole Drill Video shows actual usage of the Atlas Copco system.
Hard Hat Movie
The Hard Hat Movie is an advertisement for some Atlas Copco Portable Compressors.