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Bit Sharpening System - Handheld

CME handheld grinder
High-powered grinding head designed to be used in this powerful semi-automatic button bit grinder. It is an ergonomically designed hand held unit with efficient throttle and support handle. Simplicity in design combined with the latest manufacturing techniques gives the operator a powerful tool for the most demanding job.

The grinding head comes without any sharpening bits, order the size bit(s) you need from below.

Technical Data
Spindle Speed22,000 rpmWeight (excluding packaging)5.7 lbs.
Power Output2.4 hpWeight (including packaging)7.7 lbs.
Working Air Pressure110 - 115 psiTransport Dimensions18" x 10" x 8"
Air Consumption78 ft3/min.Sound Level92 dB(A), 82 db(A)**
Maximum Water Pressure60 psiVibration Level  (ISO-DIS 8662)<2.5m/s2
Air Hose Diameter*1 3/4" ID
Water Hose Diameter*1/4" ID
*Recommended**VS-220 HD with 2" ID Silencer Hose
Bit grinder assembly

Comes with grinding head, hoses, and regulator. Does not include any sharpening bits.

CME Bits

ItemPart Number
1" StoneCME1"STONE
7/8" StoneCME7/8"STONE
3/4" StoneCME3/4"STONE
5/8" StoneCME5/8"STONE
1/2" StoneCME1/2"STONE
*Hose Kit includes hose, filter, regulator, and lube assembly.

All common button size bits available.