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Casing HammerThese casing drivers were designed to be used with a down hole hammer and under reamer system in overburden drilling.  The under reamer drills an oversized hole in the overburden soil, rock layers, clay bedrock, etc.  When the hole is first started and until gravity is not enough to make the casing follow the under reamer, the casing driver sits on top of the casing and acts as a water diverter.  When the under reamer or bit advances 1” ahead of the casing, the casing driver anvil closes and the piston and casing driver start cycling.  These casing drivers turn on and off automatically just like a down hole hammer.  The only exception is that it does not blow when the anvil is hanging like a down hole hammer does with the bit hanging.  The casing driver is mounted under the top head of the drill rig on cylinders with a 20” stroke.


Casing Hammer on rigThe total assembly includes the drill pipe shaft that fits through the casing driver, a 1 x ¼” turnball valve and an air pressure regulator, a 50’ length of 1” hose with fittings, 7.5 gallon down hole hammer oiler, and a hydraulic cylinder kit for mounting the case driver.  The drill through sub can be supplied with most any thread and made to custom lengths.
The model 75 is designed for 5” and 6” or smaller casings and where weight is a serious consideration.  The casing driver is 36” tall with a 9” diameter and weighs approximately 325 lbs. Adapters for larger pipe can be supplied.

The model 140 is 40” tall with a 12” diameter and weighs approximately 750 lbs.
The model 350 is 50” tall with a 15” diameter and weighs approximately 1300 lbs.

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