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Most Down The Hole (DTH) hammer sizes are in-stock for immediate shipment. Call us at 800.800.8444 to check stock and get your hammer headed your way!

Main Features

  • Several different types of stress-relieving and heat-treatment processes are performed on these hammers
  • Carburizing of the piston makes for long-lasting products
  • Hardness of 60 HRC
  • Easy to service
  • Fast performance, unparalleled
  • Handles injection of foam and polymers, without affecting performance
  • Manufactured from the finest steel available in today’s market
Nova hammer on 75 degree angle

Choose Your DTH Hammer

Scroll down the page to the tabs to choose any of our high quality down the hole (DTH) hammers. Get your jobs done faster and better.  Choose our NO Footvalve G-Force Nova Series or our time proven G-Force or Missile LXQ series hammers. For exploration and mining applications, look at our Missile LX series of reverse circulation hammers.
Try our high quality hammer bits as well.
Nova Hammers
No Foot Valves!!!
G-Force Hammers
G-Force Hammers
Missile LXQ Hammers
Missile Hammers
Missile LX Hammers
Reverse Circulation Hammers
Halco Hammers
Halco Hammers

Click / tap on the hammer size, then the specific hammer to see specifications.

Missile LXQ Series LXQ2000 – Mach 20

Missile LXQ Series LXQR3000 – IR3.5 Shank

G-Force Nova Series GFNQ4500 – QL40 Shank (No foot valve)
Missile LXQ Series LXQM4000 – SD4 Shank
Missile LXQ Series LXQR4000 – 340 Shank
G-Force Series
GFQ4000 – QL40 Shank
G-Force Series
GFR4000 – 340 Shank
G-Force Series
GFM4000 – SD4 Shank

Missile LXQ Series LXQM16000 – SD15 Shank
Missile LXQ Series LXQM15000-H – H150 Shank

Advantages of using DTH Hammers

Using DTH hammers for drilling has several advantages, including efficient drilling in hard rock formations. Compared to other drilling methods, DTH hammers can achieve greater depths when drilling in hard rock. This is because DTH drilling is performed using compressed air and a rotary percussion cutting action, making it more efficient than top hammer drilling. DTH drilling is one of the three methods of rock drilling, along with rotary drilling and top hammer drilling. DTH hammers are particularly useful for drilling in hard rock formations with a hardness over 200Mpa. Thus, using DTH hammers can lead to more efficient and effective drilling in challenging geological conditions.

Another advantage of using DTH hammers is the increased penetration rate. A 2023 study by Cao et al. demonstrated that the use of a pneumatic DTH hammer in drilling through brittle and hard rock formations can significantly increase the penetration rate. Additionally, a 2019 study reported that the aggressive cutting structure of DTH hammers, in combination with efficient hammer design, can deliver a superior rate of penetration. This increased penetration rate leads to faster drilling and reduced downtime, ultimately resulting in cost savings for drilling operations.

Using DTH hammers can also reduce downtime and maintenance costs. DTH hammers have a simple and reliable inner structure, making maintenance easy and minimizing downtime. Furthermore, DTH hammers have lower oil consumption compared to other drilling methods, contributing to cost-effectiveness in drilling operations. A study by Xtega reported a reduction in the cost of drilling function by 7.5% when using DTH hammers. Therefore, using DTH hammers can lead to improved drilling performance, reduced downtime, and cost savings in drilling operations.

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