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Hydrojaw 1200
Item NumberPart NumberDescriptionQuantity
1See BelowValve Housing Assembly1
2See BelowThrust Cylinder Arm Assembly1
3See BelowHJ1200 Pump and Engine Assembly1
4HJ131Front Hose 46" 4G 1-Straight and 1-90 Degree1
5HJ130Back Hose 42" 4G 1-Straight and 1-90 Degree1
6HJ1200-18Stationary Arm Spacer Bushing1
7HJ134Supply Hose 47" 8G with 2-90 Degree1
8HJ126HJ1200 Wheel2
9HJ1200-193/4" Flat Washer2
10HJ1200-151.5" Lynch Pin Zinc-Plated18
11HJ125Cylinder and L-Link Pins5
12HJ1200-17Snap Ring16
13HJ122Handle Link Pins2
14HJ124Stationary Arm Pins2
15HJ1200-20Stationary Five-Hole Arms2
16HJ129Front Hose 31.5" 4G 1-Straight and 1-90 Degree1
17HJ128Back Hose 28.5" 4G 1-Straight and 1-90 Degree1
18HJ1200-215/16-18 UNC 2" Lock Nut2
19HJ111Link with Handle2
20HJ1200-225/16-18 UNC 2" Long HHB2
21HJ135Return Hose 19.5" 8G 2-45 Degree1
22HJ123Thrust Cylinder Pin1
23HJ1200-23HJ1200 Body Weldment Assembly1
24HJ116Chain Cylinder1
25HJ1200-24Lifting Clevis1
26HJ1200-261/2-13 UNC Locking Nut1
27HJ1200-27J" Hook Chain Bracket1
28HJ1200-281/2" x 8" Long Eye Bolt1
29HJ127Plow Spring1
31HJ1200-305/16-18 UNC-2L HHB2
32HJ1200-315/16-18 UNC Lock Nut2
33HJ132Top Hose 19" 4G 1-Straight and 1-90 Degree1
34HJ133Bottom Hose 22" 1-Straight and 1-90 Degree1

Valve Housing Assembly

Hydrojaw 1200
Item NumberPart NumberDescriptionQuantity
1HJP-HJ2412-HYD-VAL-3SPHydraulic Valve, 3 Spool, L&S1
2HJP-HJ12-HOSE-19Hose, 19"1
3HJP-HJ12-HOSE-22Hose, 22"1
4HJP-HJ12-HOSE-42Hose, 42"1
5HJP-HJ12-HOSE-46Hose, 46"1
6HJP-HJ12-HOSE-47Hose, 47"1
7XXXXXX1/2" NPT x 1/4" 37 Degree Flare Fitting6
8XXXXXXHex Nipple Fitting 3/8" NPT x 1/2" 37 Degree Flare2
9HJP-HJ12-HOSE-28.5Hose, 28.5"1
10HJP-HJ12-HOSE-31.5Hose, 31.5"1
11HJP-HJ12-HOSE-19.5Hose, 19.5"1
12XXXXXXBranch Tee 3/4" NPT1
13XXXXXXBushing Reducer 3/4" NPT to 1/4" NPT1
14HJP-HJ2412-GAG-PSI-0-50000-5000 PSI Hydro Jaw Gauge1

Thrust Cylinder Arm Assembly

Hydrojaw 1200
Item NumberPart NumberDescriptionQuantity
1HJP-HJ12-ARM-ASSYHJ1200 Arm Assembly1
1-1HJP-HJ12-FIX-ARM-4HL-ASSYHJ1200 Fixed Arm 4-hole Assembly1
1-2HJP-HJ12-HJ12-THR-ARM-5HL-ASSYHJ1200 Thrust Arm 5-hole Assembly1
2HJP-HJ12-CYL-L-LNK-MNT-PINHJ1200 Cylinder Link Mounting Pin5
3HJP-HJ12-SRT-LNKHJ1200 Starter Link2
4HJP-HJ12-L-LNKHJ1200 L-Link2
5HJP-HJ2412-LNK-PINHJ1200/24 Link Pin16
6XXXXXX1/2" Hex Head Bolt x 5" Long4
7XXXXXXExternal Retaining RingXX
9HJP-HJ2415-DIE-PINHJ1200 Die Pin22
10HJP-HJ2412-DIE-SPRINGHJ1200 Die Spring22
11XXXXXX5/8-11UNC-Nylon Lock Nut4
12HJP-HJ12-WID-GRP-JAWHJ1200 Wide Grip Jaw2
12-1HJP-HJ12-CLS-GRP-JAWHJ1200 Close Grip Jaw Package2
13HJP-HJ2412-LNKHJ1200/24 Links12
14HJP-HJ12-DIE-TNG-3.5Die Tong 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 3.5"8
15HJP-HJ2412-LNK-PIN-HNDHJ1200/24 Link Pin with Handle2
16HJP-HJ12-DIE-TONG-4Die Tong 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 4.0"14

HJ1200 Pump and Engine Assembly

Hydrojaw 1200
Item NumberPart NumberDescriptionQuantity
1HJP-HJ12-HYD-TNKHydraulic Tank1
2XXXXXXHex Nipple Fitting 3/8" NPT x 1/2" 37 Degree Flare1
3HJP-HJ12-HOSE-47Hose, 47"1
4HJP-HJ2412-BRT-CAPBreather Cap North L&S1
5HJP-HJ2412-OIL-LEV-GAGOil Level Gauge L&S1
6XXXXXX1/2" NPT, 90 Degree Street Elbow1
7XXXXXX1/2" NPT x 2.00" Long Pipe Nipple1
8XXXXXX1/2" NPT, Elbow 90 Degree1
9XXXXXX1/2" NPT Hose Bar-Fitting, Plated1
10XXXXXX1" Worm Hose Clamp2
11XXXXXX1" Heater Hose Cut to 3"1
12HJP-HJ2412-PMPPump Small and Large1
13HJP-HJ12-ENG-5.5Honda Engine 5.5 HP1
14HJP-HJ12-PMP-MNT-BRKTPump Mounting Bracket North P/N 3030 SM1
15HJP-HJ12-CPL-STD-HLF-343005 Std. Half Coupling 3/4"1
16HJP-HJ2412-CPL-INSCoupling Insert North P/N 30091
17HJP-HJ12-CPL-STD-34Pump Coupling North P/N 3002 S&L2
18HJP-HJ12-HOSE-19.5Hose, 19.5"1
19XXXXXXHex Nipple Fitting 3/4" NPT x 1/2" x 37 Degree Flare1
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