Perforates installed steel or PVC casing.

No need to pull and replace casing.

Spare and rebuild parts available.

Rental units available.

Ideal for perforating wells for abandonment.

Get more water out of old wells.

The easiest way to get perforations where the water is.

Pre-slotted casing costs more, loses air/efficiency during drilling, and can clog while drilling.

Saves time compared to torch/cutter perforation by hand.

Rapid perforation - 105 holes in a 20 foot section made in 15 seconds.

Perforate going up or down the casing and control the angle of the perforation column.

One tool can take adapters for many casing sizes.

Durable tooling, which lasts for years, more than pays for itself (many 25-40 yr old tools in the field).