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What does America West Drilling Supply do with my personal information?

America West Drilling Supply uses personal information to enhance the overall shopping experience by providing you with better customer service. Positive customer identification allows us to contact the customer and ensure all their needs are met and handled appropriately and accurately. All personal information that we acquire is provided by each individual customer. It is this personal information, given to us by the customer, that allows America West Drilling Supply to provide knowledgeable support by our customer service team. Benefits you may receive by allowing us to keep your personal information on hand include:

  •  A Personal Internet Account – You will be identified by America West Drilling every time you log in with your personal customer number so in the future you will save time by not having to submit your information again.
  •  Updates on Specials – You will receive updates on specials.

Opting Out

You may withdraw your personal information from America West Drilling Supply at any time. To withdraw your information email or write us at: America West Drilling Supply
Customer Service
1350 E. Glendale Avenue
Sparks, NV  89431
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Will America West Drilling Supply sell my email address or other personal information?

NO!  Absolutely Not!  America West Drilling Supply will not sell, trade, share, or rent your email address or other personal information to anyone. We believe that your information is personal and should be kept that way. We may use your email address to provide you with better customer service support and to update you on America West Drilling Supply specials.

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