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Bit Sharpening System – Handheld


Product Details

VS-220 HD PRO™


CME’s redesigned high powered handheld grinder brings health and safety, ergonomics, operator comfort and serviceability to new levels. The VS-220 HD PRO uses the same internal motor as the VS-220 HD for complete backwards compatibility. An integrated grinding cup puller with brake and splash guards keeps the operator dry and safe while simplifying installation and removal of a grinding cup.

High powered hand-held grinder with ergonomic placement of a very efficient throttle and support handle is ideally suited for small operations. Simplicity in design while applying the latest manufacturing processes available, has truly resulted in a grinder with the operator in mind. Power and ergonomics are combined to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The grinding head comes without any sharpening bits, order the size bit(s) you need from below.

Technical Data

Spindle Speed22 000 rpm
MotorAir powered
Power Output2.4 Hp
Working Air Pressure100-115 psi
Air Consumption78 ft3/min
Air Hose Diameter0.75”
Water Hose Diameter0.25”
Water/Coolant Pressure60 psi max
Weight excl. Packaging8.6 lbs
Weight incl. Packaging11.0 lbs
Transport Dimensions20” x 10” x 10.25”
Sound Level115 dB(A), 82 dB(A) with silencer
Vibration Level< 2.5 m/s2
Incl. accessoriesSplash guards with puller/brake - Button bit guage
Optional accessoriesService tool kit - Filter, regulator, lubricator with
hoses and fittings kit

Downloadable Brochures / Info Sheets

VS-220 HD PRO Info Sheet
VS-220 HD PRO Info Sheet
VS-220 HD PRO Hand-held Grinder
VS-220 HD PRO Hand-held Grinder
Filter Regulator Lubricator FRL Kit
Filter Regulator Lubricator FRL Kit
Spare parts drawing / lists
Spare parts drawing / lists

Over-drilling your bits does not make economic sense

Bit Grinding Chart
Click on image to enlarge

If we ignore the very real and well recognized losses in production, energy utilization, and the added wear and tear on the drill string and rig that blunt drill bits in effect cause, and instead focus on the cost of grinding, the effects are stunning.

Since there are so many actual variables (in the button wear configurations of button bits) we can make some theoretical calculations that will adequately demonstrate the effect of the relationship between button flatness, the volume of carbide needed to be removed to return a button bit into service, and Grinding Cup life.

If we compare grinding of buttons with 50% wear flats versus buttons with 80% wear flats, the estimated Grinding Cup life can be 6 times greater when grinding the buttons with lesser wear. In this case, this difference in estimated Grinding Cup life is simply due to the 6 times greater volume of carbide needed to be removed from the buttons with the greater wear. The relationship between buttons with 33% and 80% wear flats is even more astounding. The graph clearly shows how the effect of over-drilling bits can result in significant added costs in Grinding Cup consumption. It is equally important, however, to recognize cost factors such as the added time required to restore over-drilled bits, as well as the wear and tear on the Grinder and other service equipment. 

Common features of all CME grinding equipment

The grinding method works on the same principle on all patented CME grinders: the grinder head, once positioned on top of the button, aligns the grinding cup over the center of the button, ensuring proper grinding of each carbide insert hands free. Worn gauge and face buttons are restored to their original shape fast and efficiently with the help of timed cycles.

To ensure optimum results, Super Diaroc HD for maximum performance and Super Diaroc G2 grinding cups have been developed for grinding carbide buttons and steel in one easy step. CME Super Diaroc HD and Super Diaroc G2 grinding cups are available in ballistic, semiballistic / conical, and spherical profiles ranging from 6mm to 26mm. No tools are required for grinding cup replacement.

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