Casing Alignment Clamps


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Casing Alignment Clamp

These casing alignment clamps will make your life much easier when you are welding casing pieces together.  They are simple, quick, and easy to use. Pull the hand lever and the flat cross bars quickly align two casing ends so they can be accurately tack-welded together. Remove the clamp and finish the welding.
Nice and straight casing down the well.  Especially important when using a Casing Advancement System.

All steel construction.  

4″ to 24″ usually in stock. 2″ to 60″ available by special order.

5" Casing Alignment Clamp
Easy alignment.
Casing Alignment Clamp Opened
Opens wide to easily wrap around casing strings.
36" Casing Alignment Clamp
Custom sizes available by special order.
8" Casing Alignment Clamp
The easiest way to keep your casing straight.
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