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Pneumatic Oiler (Automatic) 7 Gallon


Product Details

Maximum Operating Pressure:

7 and 12 gallon – 600 psi

17 and 33 gallon – 1,000 psi


7 gallon – 600 psi

12 gallon – 600 psi

17 gallon – 1,000 psi

33 gallon – 1,000 psi

Manifold needs to be mounted at lubricator bracket level or lower.

Easy to remove cap
No moving parts
No pumps
No wiring
Venturi style
Infinite flow control with needle valve
Manifold can be removed from tank and mounted remotely
Sight glass
Pressure vessel (A.S.M.E. Code Stamped)
2″ or 3″ manifold
Fill while you drill
Fits any drill rig

Pneumatic Oiler (Automatic)
SizeBase DiameterDiameter at ManifoldHeightWeight
7 gallon19"25"31"160 lbs.
12 gallon23 1/4"29 1/4"36 1/2"210 lbs.
17 gallon22 3/4"27"39"375 lbs.
33 gallon23 1/8"29"39 1/2"675 lbs.

Pneumatic Oiler Diagram and Part Description

Pneumatic Oiler (Automatic) Parts Drawing
ItemQuantityPart Description
11Tank Assembly
21Inlet Valve (3/8" Ball Valve)
32 each2" and 3" Air Hose Spud
41 each2" and 3" Air Manifold Assembly
51Drain Pipe Assembly
611/4" Pipe Plug
71Discharge Hose Assembly
813/8" Needle Valve Assembly
91Sight Glass
101Caution Sticker
1113/8" Ball Valve
121Intake Hose Assembly (20" x 1/2")
132Bolt and Nut Assembly (3/8" x 1 1/2")
141Safety Relief Valve Assembly
151Fill Cap Coupling
161Discharge Valve (3/8" Ball Valve)

Operating Instructions

1. Connect air supply to inlet side of manifold, install whipcheck.
2. Connect outlet side of manifold to line going to hammer, install whipcheck.
3. Close vent valve #11.
4. Apply air pressure to manifold and open air intake valve #2.
5. Open oil line needle valve #8 four complete turns and lock in place.
6. Open discharge valve #16.
7. Operate hammer and check if bit is wet. A properly lubricated tool will be wet, but not dripping oil.
8. To control lubrication, adjust needle valve counter-clockwise to increase oil, clockwise to decrease. With correct adjustment, lock set screw and continue drilling.
9. To stop oiler, close air intake valve #2 and close discharge valve #16.

Filling Instructions

1. Close inlet valve #2.
2. Close discharge valve #16.
3. Open vent valve #11.
4. When air has bled out of tank, remove fill cap #15.
5. Fill lubricator tank with rock drill oil.
6. Replace fill cap #15.
7. Close vent valve #11.
8. Open inlet valve #2.
9. Open discharge valve #16.

Lubricator must be installed upstream of any other injected fluids such as mud, foam, and water!

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