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RCAM 1000TLE Borehole Inspection Camera


Product Details

The RCAM 1000 is an industry leading high resolution water well camera for optimal viewing with switchable side and downward view wide angle cameras.

  • RCAM1000 Control BoxSide or Down View Control Switch
  • Forward or Reverse Rotation Selection
  • Forward or Reverse, Variable Reel Speed Controller
  • 7″ Color LCD Monitor
  • Digital On-Screen Depth Counter
  • Hard Anodized Water Resistant Panel

Check out the TLE Level Wind System for easy spooling

Industry Leading High Resolution Photos for Optimal Viewing

You can’t service what you can’t see.

Camera view down in a well
Camera view down in a well

Uses and Applications

New Construction Inspection – Display the Quality of Work and Offer Customer Assurance

Period Inspection – Determine Existing Well Conditions and Perform Preventative Maintenance

After Service Inspection – Verify Cleaning, Repairs, Track Well Conditions, and Compliance

Pre-Purchase Inspection – Establish Well Conditions at Transfer of Ownership

Ground Water Monitoring – Determine Quality, Mineral Conditions, Geological Strata, etc.

Recover Lost Tools – Locate and Retrieve Lost Tools

Camera View Details

Dual wide angle cameras, one side view and one down view, with remote switching and continuous 360 degree rotation.

RCAM Components

1. Transport Cart – Custom 2-wheeled unit for ultimate mobility.
2. High Intensity Lighting – 50 super bright, water-clear LEDs allow high resolution photos in wells up to 12″ in diameter.
3. Dual Camera System – Dual wide angle cameras, one side view and one down view, with remote switching and continuous 360 degree rotation.
4. Digital Video Recorder – 12V recorder to document the survey.
5. Portable Camera Control Unit – Compact package with hard case and locking mechanism for monitor and all control functions.
6. Video Monitor – 7-inch LCD color monitor with sun shield.
7. Depth Counter – Digital on-screen counter to tenths of feet or meters.
8. 10′ Surplus Cable – Allows remote viewing in extreme weather.
9. Powered Reel – Adjustable speed powered winch with 1,000 feet of Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable.
10. Portable Power Supply – 12-volt DC battery with charger and digital volt meter.

Customer with RCAM1000
I hoped we would use our new R-Cam 1000 at least 1 time per month…but we’re averaging closer to 10. Plus, I don’t have to subcontract the work out to my competition anymore, and I’m picking up a bunch of additional well rehab work.”
–Al Boone, Boone Water Well Systems, Inc.

More Testimonials

“I’m now making money with the camera, and loving it.”Dom Nwachukwu, Nigeria
“I keep getting jobs! This thing is keeping me so busy! –Scott Miller, N. Virginia Drilling
“The camera is excellent and it makes a night and day difference in our business.”–Gary Shawver, Shawver Well Company 
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Create a profitable new source of revenue simply by charging for surveys
Gain a Competitive Advantage
Offer your customers a DVD to proudly share the quality of your work
No More Subcontracting
Keep profits in-house
Achieve Incremental Sales
“See” how you can provide more needed service

RCAM1000 mini picsPortable, Professional System

Two Cameras in one housing (down view and side view)

No External Moving Parts

12 VDC Power supply (5 hour, rechargeable battery)

NTSC or PAL Version

On-Screen Depth Measurement in Feet or Meters

Color Monitor

Video Surveys Water Wells and Borehole Diameters of 4 inches (100 mm) to 12 inches (300 mm), Maximum Depth of 1,000 feet (300 meters).

Fully assembled on a Small 2-Wheeled Cart, with extendable boom to 36 inches.

  • 1. Selectable DOWNHOLE and SIDE VIEW color camera with 360 degree rotation. Forward and reverse direction control. White balance. Long life, shock-proof, high intensity LED lighting for side view and forward view.
  • 2. Portable 12 VDC Electric Powered Reel with 1,000 Feet (300 meters) of Kevlar reinforced Coaxial cable, nominal breaking strength 750 lbs., adjustable extended boom assembly for centering camera over well, encoder for on-screen digital depth display measured in feet and tenths or meters.
  • 3. Camera Control Unit: Camera rotation control. Selectable forward view or side view control. Reel controls for raising and lower camera, variable reel speed control.
  • 4. 7-inch LCD Control Monitor. Viewing hood for outdoors viewing.
  • 5. 12 VDC portable VCR for videotape recording video survey.
  • 6. 12 VDC portable battery pack and charger.
  • 7. Camera carrying/storage bag and Centering Bands for the camera.
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