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Well Probes – Water Level Measuring Instruments


Product Details

“Monitor your groundwater resources”

  • Level Measurement
  • Drawdown tests
  • Recovery rate
  • Chart trends

Strong, flexible, 3/8″ wide tape, stainless steel conductors. Marked in standard scale (feet, inches, and 1/8th of an inch) OR metric scale (meters, centimeters, and millimeters).

Light duty tape is marked in engineering scale (feet & tenths).

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  • Selectable Indication – Audible buzzer or visual ultrabrite LEDs.
  • Thin probe sensor and segmented Stainless Steel weights – Easy to access, even through a 1/2″ bolt hole.
  • Sensitivity switch – Variable settings for true reading in differing water and well conditions.
  • Highly Sensitive Probe – Indicates to within a fraction of an inch, yet is unaffected by cascading water.
  • Completely Self-Contained – No external power or ground required. Uses one 9-volt battery.
  • Complete and ready to use

A thin, stainless steel, and highly sensitive sensor, with removeable segmented weights, which allows easy access, even through a ½ inch bolt hole, and indicating water within a fraction of an inch.
The probe is the same size on the standard or light duty tape.

Free standing durable plastic reel in various sizes with central brake system on strong metal frame.
1000 foot and larger sizes have metal reel.

Electronics which consists of:

A selector switch with 4 positions:
Off – when not in use to avoid draining the battery.
Test – to check battery, light and buzzer will operate together.
LED – for visual signal, ultra bright LEDs light up when probe reaches water.
Buzz – for audible signal, buzzer sounds when probe reaches water.

A sensitivity switch – adjusts the probes sensitivity in individual wells and helps avoid false readings in cascading water.

A battery drawer – for one 9 volt battery.  Easy access for battery change.

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