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R-CAM TLE Level Wind

Level wind
The R-CAM TLE Level Wind is designed to increase the versatility and portability of the R-CAM camera system. It has a host of features not found on the standard R-CAM XLT winch, specifically the inclusion of a level wind. It provides a higher degree of cable management that allows the operator to focus solely on conducting video surveys. The R-CAM TLE also features a high resolution, 100 pulse encoder, that has been repositioned to vastly increase counter accuracy and allow for a variety of in-field setups, such as the use of a tripod.

Level wind detached boom

To increase portability, the extendable boom arm and winch handle are now removable to aid in transporting, mounting, shipping, or storing the system. A compartment has also been added for convenient storage of a 12-volt battery.

The R-CAM TLE Level Wind is available as an upgrade for new and existing R-CAM camera systems. The winch comes with either 1,000 feet or 1,300 feet of Kevlar reinforced coaxial cable.

Level wind complete
R-CAM TLE Level Wind Technical Specifications

Transport: Removable Boom and Handle
Counter: 100PPR, High-Resolution Optical Encoder with Dual Pressure Rollers
Spooling: Automatic, Gear Driven Level Wind to Evenly Distribute Cable
Speed: 9 rpm
Motor: 12VDC Gear Motor
Drive: Onboard Variable Speed Motor Controller
Torque: 53 in lbs.
Power Source: 12VDC Battery Pack with Voltmeter and Charger
Dimensions: 40” (101.6 cm) Tall, 18”Wide, 47” Long
Weight: 130lbs
Cable Capacity: 1,000’ (304.8 m) or 1,300’ Kevlar-Reinforced, Coaxial Cable
Cable Head: Detachable Laval Quick-Connect Cable Head, Pressure Rated to 5,000 PSI with Built-in Strain Relief