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The National Driller Magazine
A magazine that caters to all drilling needs.
National Ground Water Association
The National Ground Water Association is the hallmark organization for anyone associated with the ground water industry.
California Groundwater Association
The California Groundwater Association (CGA) is a non-profit organization that has promoted protection of groundwater since 1948. Our members include water well drilling and pump contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, geologists, engineers, hydrologists, government employees, and others working in the groundwater field.
The Int'l Association of Foundation Drilling
ADSC is an international, professional, trade association representing the drilled shaft and anchored earth retention (which includes micropiles and soil nailing) and other related industries.
National Drilling Association
The National Drilling Association is a nonprofit trade association of contractors, manufacturers, and affiliated members from the drilling industry representing the geotechnical, environmental, and mineral exploration sectors of this industry. The NDA mission is to promote the use of professional drilling contractors and their methods.
International School of Well Drilling
ISWD is the right choice for your online completion of your required CE hours.
  • ISWD has more experience delivering online Continuing Education (CE) to the water well industry than anyone.
  • The CE topic choices are directly related to the well drilling industry.
  • The CE topics are well written, easy to understand, and interesting.
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Nicholls Construction
Nicholls Construction provides a comprehensive service of heating and cooling equipment for heat pump installation, water well boreholes, and water well drilling with a variety of ground source heat pump systems like a heat pump water heater, air to water heat pump, swimming pool heat pump, ground source heat pump, carrier heat pump, and electric heat pump (located in Sussex, UK).
UK-based leading vacuum pump manufacturer Minivac provides a powerful and durable, workable hand vacuum pump, high quality vacuum pump system, vacuum pump oil, industrial vacuum pump without electricity. Best vacuum pump supplier in UK for automotive, refrigeration engineering, medical, and industrial applications.
How Do Hydraulics Work?
A special thanks to John for finding this link for us. He is part of a local science class and deserves some extra credit for finding this information on his own.